About Me

My name is Mickey, and I'm passionate about eating for your health. For me, this includes being gluten-free and vegan, so this blog is dedicated to recipes, tips, and tricks on how to embrace both lifestyle changes. 

I'm a twenty-something living in the Phoenix area of Arizona with my husband, pets, and the sunshine. I'm a full-time freelance copy editor and writer, blogger, dessert addict, baker, DIY-er, and binge-watcher. I love all kinds of entertainment (books, music, movies, games), and I'm an avid peacekeeper, spreading positivity and love as far as I can.

Oftentimes, you'll see recipes from Husband. He's the cook in the family, so when he makes something particularly delicious, I ask him very nicely for the recipe so I can post it up here for you guys. Please let us know if you ever try anything we share with you! <3

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