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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I took a day off from editing to rest my eye. This sty has I went to urgent care yesterday to make sure it wasn't infected or anything because it's HUGE and swollen. I'm pretty sure everyone there thought I was ridiculous, but oh well. So I've been doing the whole warm compress thing...and watching Downton Abbey. I think it might have been the cure all along. I'll keep testing this hypothesis this afternoon. :)

I've also been getting my craft on. WOO! I've been wanting to make some stuff out of Pringles cans. I have a ton of them! When I was still working at Chase, a friend's mother died. My friend thought I'd love the yarn her mom left behind, and she stored all the yarn in Pringles cans. I took all of the yarn out and have a bunch of empty Pringles cans waiting to be used for something.

So I finally did something with them today. :)

Well, only with three of them to try some stuff out, but man, it was fun!! I've of course had stuff pinned on Pinterest forEVER. However, there was one craft in particular I've wanted to try for a pretty long time. And today was the day!

I started with making small pencil holder cup thingies first. Cutting the Pringles can wasn't going to happen, so I took a knife to them. How I finished with all of my fingers is beyond me. Haha! But it worked out! I thought it'd be harder to cut through, but they're not so bad. I didn't think about smoothing out the edges, so this first version is a bit uneven, but I was proud of myself nonetheless. Here's the first attempt.

Kinda cute, huh? So then I tried another set. This time, after I cut the two halves, I took scissors to the rough edges to smooth them out so the tops were even. That's still a skill I haven't quite figured out, but things were even enough in the end, so I went with it. However, I was so excited about the more even edges that I glued the paper on upside down on the second one. Bahahaha. Whoops! Oh well. Here's the second attempt.

Once I figured that I had enough skill to attempt the rotatable one, I gave it a whirl. Oh boy. That was obviously a little more involved, and it doesn't look as pretty as the one I saw, but I DID the damn thing. Haha! It actually works and turned out really cool. With a little work, I can make better ones, but for the first one, I thought I did a good job. Check it out!

How fun, right? Super cool. I'd like to make another one and see if I can do better next time. But I had a good morning doing this. :) And it's not a crafting day without burning your arm on the hot glue gun. Yeah!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.
And do some crafts.

Stop The Madness on Wattpad

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey all. I started writing a piece on Saturday that needs to be shared right about now. I finished it this afternoon and just posted it on Wattpad. It's not edited or anything, so it's probably missing words and stuff, but I think you'll get the point. It's about my struggle with panic, anxiety, and depression, so read at your own risk.

With the news of Robin Williams's suicide, everyone came out to post their opinions on what happened. A lot of people said that this was a selfish thing to do, and I'm here to balance out the opinions and tell you that it's not a selfish act. If you haven't been in his shoes, you cannot judge his actions. It goes for everything people do, but this is very touchy for me. Unless you've experienced the wrath of depression, you just don't know.

As I'm typing this and getting ready to post it, I'm starting to feel a headache, which is kicking up the very thoughts you're going to read about in this story if you choose to check it out. It affects me every day in some way, shape, or form, so I wrote this to get some of my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. It was therapy in a way for me, but I'd be thrilled to hear from you if you do read it. Thank you!

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