Meatless Monday: Green Bean Casserole Pasta

Monday, December 23, 2013

I know I've been horrible about Meatless Monday posts! I've been so busy with work, but I vow to take a little bit more time out of one day a week to get some Meatless Monday recipes up here for you. Today I want to talk about one Josh made for us last week. He found this blog called Plates for Plants, and it has some amazing recipes. I can't wait to try more, but this one caught Josh's eye and won my stomach over.

I, too, loved green bean casserole. It was the dish I always made for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, cream of mushroom soup is now out of the question since I'm vegan. I'm also gluten free so the french fried onions are out. But this recipe is a seriously delicious replacement. And serving it over some brown rice pasta is a fab idea. YUM!

We didn't take any photos, but you can check the whole thing out on Plates for Plants and get the recipe there. It's super delicious and pretty easy. Not a lot of ingredients or time. Enjoy!!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


Tasha. said...

Hey!! I'm so happy you loved my Green Bean Casserole (and the awesome compliments about the blog) :) Happy New Year!

Michelle Kampmeier said...


Thanks for stopping by!! We've tried a couple of your recipes, and I'll be happy to try some more! <3


Tasha. said...

That's so great to hear!! I'll be keeping them coming :)

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