Watching the Sky

Sunday, October 13, 2013

While snuggling in bed on this slightly chilly fall morning, I decided I would make some tea and watch the sun come up. I snuggled a little too long because the sky was already lit up a bit before I made it out there. But that didn't stop me. Green tea in hand, I sat on a the patio near the pool and just observed nature in the company of my dogs.

What I witnessed brought me to tears.

As I sipped my tea and cuddled with one of my puppies, a flock of birds, maybe fifteen or so, flew over the house. They caught my eye and made me start thinking. First it was the obvious: I wish I could fly. Then it was a little more complex: Birds' wings must be very strong to fly that long. I wonder how well they know each other. They're so in sync for not speaking to each other.

Speaking. Sure, they make sounds or gestures to communicate, but they were very quiet while up in the sky, and I saw very little that would indicate they were communicating with each other. Of course, I don't know the language of the birds, but they all went in the same direction, taking turns in the leader positions, just gliding along. Soon other birds joined up and the group grew to about thirty.

Here's where I probably made a few assumptions. Or maybe we could just call this a lesson in human behavior, since birds probably don't have the same values, practices, and customs we humans do. But this is what happened in my head.

As I watched the other birds join, I realized the original group was accepting these new birds. And some of them even flew at the front of the pack. No questions asked—they just absorbed them into the group. Maybe they already knew them. But maybe they were complete stranger birds. I'd like to think they didn't already know each other. I want to believe that these birds were just so willing to accept new friends without judgment or needing answers. Nothing was required for them to join the journey.

The soft swoosh sound coming from their wings pushing through the air reminded me to thank the universe for this experience. Watching those birds fly around, accepting the other birds who wished to join, made me grateful for the love in my heart. It doesn't matter who you are, what you are, what you believe in, what you look like, how you live—I want you to know love. I will show you love. I want peace and harmony in this world, so I will be that shining light.

And here is where the tears fell.

This morning I posted a series of tweets on Twitter. I got some very positive responses, which warmed my heart. I'm not always that upbeat though. I get down too. I complain at times. And I haven't always been this full of love and positivity.

But the tears came because I'm just so thankful. I'm grateful I've come this far. After everything I've experienced in the last twelve months, I've come to realize that we aren't guaranteed another second on this planet. Life is fleeting, and appreciating the small things will make you remember how amazing this life is. Why complain when we have so much good around us? The small things we get irritated over won't matter in a week from now, so don't waste any precious time on them.

The birds taught me a lesson this morning, whether it was true for them and actually happening in their world or not. They did not complain. They did not reject anyone. They did not judge. They did not show prejudice or hate. They just seemed to practice love, kindness, and acceptance. And that's something I wish we all would do.

So start with yourself. Forgive and release all negativity. Then it will radiate to all parts of your life soon after.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


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