Thursday, July 18, 2013

Laugh. We all should laugh more. Find little things to make you laugh, and make it loud and long. Laughter is a great way to get your body active, your mind in tune, and your soul back in check with the positive. Watch a funny movie, tell a good joke, or go to a comedy show. Find something that will make you laugh and let me know how good it feels. <3

  • Small cantaloupe
  • Good size honeydew
  • Green smoothie - bananas, spinach, hemp protein, chia seeds, coconut water, ice, cinnamon
  • Green smoothie - bananas, spinach, cinnamon, coconut water, ice
  • Big bowl of veggie chili with corn tortilla chips
  • Eggplant and portabella cap with homemade marinara
Calories: 2000+
Colors:  Orange, green, yellow, brown, black, red, white, purple
Water: 130 oz
Exercise: HICT, swimming
Sunshine: 20 mins
Sleep: 7ish hours
Grateful for: A full editing day and the sunshine.

That HICT is no joke. I whole body felt like Jell-O when I was finished. And I only did one round. It only talks about doing one round, but I might try for a second the next time I do this. If you really push, it is a hard 7-8 minutes. So I rewarded myself with  light swim and some sun. I lay on the patio on top of a towel in my swimsuit for a while. Front and back. I'm usually pretty white, so I try not to stay out too long. And while I could have stayed out longer, all worked out just as it needed to today!

I finished a big edit today, and it was awesome! The MC is hilarious, fun, spunky, and vulnerable all at the same time. I can't wait for you guys to read this one. If you like adult PNR, you'll enjoy this one! Audra, I'm looking at you! Hehe.

Time for a shower and bed. Back to the other job tomorrow. I've found that it makes me much more stressed and panicky than anything else. Blah.

Also, I didn't post my weight yesterday. Today it was 117.0. Can't remember where I was last week, but it's been fluctuating a lot. I think today might be the last day I weigh for a while. It's been something I stress about - don't get too worked up about what the scale says. But I fall into the trap as well. This means I need to get rid of it for a while. Know your strengths and weaknesses, folks.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


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