Saturday FAQ: Media and Weight Loss

Saturday, June 1, 2013

How often do we hear negative things about weight and body image? We see it all the time too. Magazines splash images of celebrities all over their pages when their bodies are covered in fat or cellulite. We hear commercials on the radio about businesses that will help you lose those extra 30+ pounds you've gained. And whole TV shows are dedicated to people being the Biggest Loser! We watch, we listen, and we read, but we just don't quite understand. And then we get stuck in cycles of weight loss and weight gain. So quit the negative talk, stop paying attention to media, and start thinking for yourself. Do some research, find a farmers market near you, and make more educated decisions. Focus on health instead of beauty. One is subjective while the other is measurable. It's not about the weight loss results; it's about the healthy journey.

  • 1 small-ish banana prior to walk = 90 calories
  • Smoothie (5 small-ish bananas, 1 cup coconut water, 1 tbsp. chia seeds, 8 ice cubes) = 550 calories
    • I forgot to add cinnamon!! Boo.
  • 1 whole canary melon = 200 calories?
  • A small handful of peanuts = 100 calories
  • Brown rice pasta with *sigh* Ragu = 350 calories
  • Most of a small avocado = 200 calories
Calories: 2090
Colors: Yellow, black, green, brown, red, white
Water: 100 oz?
Exercise: 50 minute walk
Sunshine: 1 hour
Sleep: Maybe 7 hours. Pukey dog woke us up a few times. Poor thing. :o(

  1. Why do you eat so many bananas?
    The answer is fairly simple. On a raw food diet, you need to eat for calories. While calories don't work the way we think they do, you still need to make sure you're eating enough. On days when I eat mostly raw (which is just about every day at this point), I need to eat some calorie-dense foods or eat in quantity. I eat anywhere from 3-12 bananas most days, usually in the 5-8 range. Each banana is about 100 calories, and I aim for 2000 a day. I'm getting more active now, so I'll start eating more as I need more.
  2. But isn't that too much potassium?
    Absolutely not. The average human requires 4500-5000mg of potassium a day for normal, healthy functioning. A banana has about 500mg. My math is sometimes rusty, but I do believe this means we actually need about 10 bananas a day for proper potassium levels. Now, you can get potassium from other sources, sure. But a lethal dose of potassium goes according to body weight. Since I'm honest about mine, I'll be the example. A lethal dose is 2600 mg per kilogram of body weight. At 114 lbs, I weigh about 51 kg. 51 kg x 2600 mg of potassium is 132,600 mg of potassium to OD on. I would have to eat 331 bananas in order to die from potassium. Not to mention, I'd have to eat them in about 30 seconds for my body to not filter it out before killing me. Not gonna happen. For more info, check here.
  3. So how do I start eating this way?It's easy: just start adding fresh fruits and veggies to your current diet. Then start removing the processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods, etc, from your eating habits and you'll be well on your way. Maybe you could do something different each week. Set goals like, "Eat more bananas and eat less foods with added sugars this week." Next week's goal could be, "Eat more greens and eat less wheat." A little at a time will go a long way towards making healthier habits. Sometimes it's good to start small to keep detox smooth. You'll detox because you've built up so many toxins from eating all the junk over the years. I know I did. And I still have some left to go.
Have any questions? Ask away!
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Eat you fruits and veggies, kids.


Angeline Kace said...

Great post! Love your Sat FAQs!!! Very interesting about the bananas! I've been one of your banana converts for a while now. Love bananas! ;)

Mickey Kampmeier said...

So glad you're loving the bananas!! They make me feel better. I have better moods when I eat bananas. NOM!

Kriston Johnson said...

When switching to a diet such as this, does your body go through a "detox" stage? I would worry about getting sick at first. I've been trying to give up meat, but I just can't make the break.

Michelle Kampmeier said...


It kind of depends on your current diet. Everyone is different, but if you make a gradual switch, I don't think the detox symptoms will be as bad. I had pretty bad detox effects when I switched because I went from absolute junk one day to a juice fast the next. I wouldn't recommend that.

As far as the meat goes, it's very hard to just give something up, especially when we tell ourselves we shouldn't have it. I always recommend a juice fast for this if you think it's right for you. I did a 5-day juice fast and lost all cravings for everything processed, fast, and sugary - all of my former weaknesses. Something to think about! But if you don't think it's right for you, just try eating less and less each week. Maybe make a goal of it by switching meat out for a meatless option - veggie lasagna, for example. They make vegan "meat" products, but those are generally soy (GMO) and processed highly. Here's a really good article on this specific thing:


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