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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not all days are perfect. But at the very least you can try every day to make good choices, smarter decisions, and better food swaps. If you're at the beginning of your healthy journey, try to replace one meal a day with a plant-based group of foods. Attempt to move away from all the processed foods you're currently eating and swap them for healthier replacements. Almost everything you currently eat can be made in a healthier way. So for people who think they'll have to give everything up, you won't. And you always have me to help you figure it out. :o)

  • 6 small bananas = 480 calories
  • Eggplant with marinara and goat cheese = 175 calories
  • 3 cups red seedless grapes = 180 calories
  • Handful of cashews = 100 calories
  • Salad (organic 1/2 and 1/2 mix, carrot, cucumber, red wine vinegar dressing) = 125 calories
  • Husband's homemade salsa and corn tortilla chips = 200 calories
  • Pad Thai noodles with carrots, broccoli, red pepper, and cabbage with a honey/garlic/soy sauce = 400 calories?
    • My husband is a god in the kitchen. OMG.
Calories: 1660 (not enough... again)
Colors: Yellow, purple, red, orange, green, brown, white
Water:  110 oz
Exercise:  45 minute walk (about 3.5 miles)
Sunshine: 60 minutes
Sleep: 9.5 hours. I needed it!!

I actually ate quite a bit of cooked food today. That's what happens when we have leftovers in the house. My husband cooked a lot of stuff this weekend! All of it was meatless and plant-based, so at least there is that. I did add the goat cheese to my eggplant, but that's the way I love it right now. Oh well. And those Pad Thai noodles.. holy heck. Delicious with the sauce he made! Best part? They're just rice flour and water, so they're totally Raw Till 4 approved! If you don't know what that is, check it out. It's a great beginner's guide to a lifestyle like this.

I'm very full on all those carbs and veggies. I love living off carbs! TRUE carbs - not fats and sugars  mislabeled as carbs (breads, wheat pastas, and other baked goods). Fruit and veggie carbs, potato and rice carbs, nom nom nom carbs. They taste good, keep my body running in tip top shape, and make me lookin' good. I'll take it.

My legs are super sore from my P90X Cardio X workout on Friday. STILL. I want to start the real program soon, but I want my husband to join me. Then I'll want to be making more green juices when I'm finished with the workouts. And eat more bananas I guess. I have a ton of them ready to be eaten! Ahh! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


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