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Friday, June 7, 2013

I had a friend ask me if I could take her body for a while, do what I'm currently doing to mine to hers, and then give it back when I'm done. I had to laugh because it was a cute thought. She's a wonderful person, and it pains me to hear indirectly negative thoughts about her body. It gave me the intro to have the raw food discussion with her, so I'm happy she felt open enough to joke around with me about it. She wrote down her email address so I could send her my standard email. It also got someone else in the vicinity to write down her email address as well. YAY! Anyone who wants more info on juicing and eating raw foods gets my email. It has lots of good information, links, and suggestions. I'll post it all here soon.

  • Banana smoothie with 6 bananas = 700 calories
  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
  • 1 head of broccoli with red wine vinegar = 75 calories
  • 2 bananas = 200 calories
  • 2 lentil burgers = 350 calories
  • I might have a salad a little later because I might be up for a while. We'll see!
Calories: 1725
Colors: Yellow, green, brown, orange, red
Water: 180 oz
Exercise: P90X Cardio X, swimming
Sunshine: 1 hours
Sleep: 7.5 hours

One of my lovely and amazing friends asked me to write about grocery shopping: where I go, what I get, and how much I spend. Here's the basic breakdown:
  1. Walmart - YES, I go to Walmart. I'm not made of money, so things I can price match easily I'll get at Walmart. Produce doesn't have coupons (which I used to use a LOT), so price matching is a great way to save money.
  2. Sprouts - This is a "farmers market" grocery store. It's basically a health store here in AZ. Lots and lots of produce and many non-mainstream food choices. Love it. Brown rice pasta, kettle-cooked potato chips made with olive oil, and decent corn tortilla chips. Yup.
  3. Other grocery stores - Here in AZ we have a lot of stores geared toward our Mexican-Americans. I love these stores because their produce prices are really good. Definitely check them out or other alternative stores near you.
  4. Market on the Move - I'm so happy I heard about this through a friend. Find programs like this around you. I pay $10 and get a huge box of up to 60 lbs worth of produce. It's incredible. We try to make use of it all, and it's great stuff! We also have Bountiful Baskets, but I haven't participated in that one.
  5. Farmers markets - We don't go to many around here, and in the summer they are sparse since it's so hot now. But try and find some good farmers markets near you. Google does a great job if you type in your town or metro area and 'farmers markets' too. Let me know what you find!
I'd also suggest gardening and growing your own food. THIS would be the best option, but we have not started yet. As far as money goes, I spend about $50-100 a week. I used to pay about $80 a week in groceries (mostly because we bought a lot of meats) and then went out to dinner at least twice a week, paying $30-50 each time. So I save all of that money from not going to out to eat because we rarely go. Once or twice a month do we eat a meal that didn't come from my own kitchen. I have to admit that I go multiple times a week though. Fresh food just doesn't have a shelf life, so prepare yourself for a few times a week unless you get miracle produce. Price matching helps, Sprouts has some good prices and great produce, and the other stores and programs are good finds. Just be on the lookout for different stores and opportunities around you! It's possible to live this way when you find the right deals and stop buying the processed foods and meats.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


NerdyGirlT said...

Oh gosh thanks! I was always so curious as to how you do it to keep it affordable, and how often you have to go. I hate grocery shopping, but I'm getting better at making healthier choices. Clay obviously still eats meat so when he's picking out out his meat selections, I head into fruits and veggies and find what we need. Thanks again!!!

Michelle Kampmeier said...

No problem! We can always get together sometime so we can work this out for you. And if you ever want to go with us to Market on the Move, just holler!! :o) It's every other Saturday morning until the fall.

audra said...

Nice!! I feel like that is going to be a slow process for me but I am going to try it. I would like to discuss a few things with you but I will do it on the side. If you find what I ask useful then post it;)

Michelle Kampmeier said...

It may be a slow process, but that's fine! Your body will be happy for the change. Feel free to email, message, or call me whenever you'd like!! :o)

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