Video: Disordered Eating / Last Cheese Day

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Video: Disordered Eating Behaviors and Some Honesty

Check out the video and tell me what you think. :o)
What other videos should I make?? Let me know!!

  • 1 banana
  • 6-banana smoothie
  • 3 cups red and green seedless grapes
  • Salad with orange sunburst tomatoes and a red wine vinegar/grapeseed oil dressing
  • Snacky stuff - a handful of peanuts, 2 slices of mushroom, some green pepper, and 2 tomato slices
  • Pizza! The whole (gluten-free) pizza. Yep. Sayin' goodbye to cheese!

Calories: A whole lot.
Colors: Yellow, red, green, purple, orange, brown, black
Water: Didn't measure today. A lot though.
Exercise: 40 minute walk, 50 squats (!!), 10 pushups (!!), and 15 bicycle crunches
Sunshine: 60 minutes
Sleep: 8 hours

Today is the last day of cheese if you're participating in the challenge with me! I'm going without cheese for the first week of July — the 1st through the 7th. So today we made pizza. And by we I mean my husband. Per the usual! And per the usual, it was delicious. OMG delicious! But I don't think I'm going to miss the cheese. I'm going to watch some vegan message videos tomorrow to remind myself why cheese is no good for me. Salt is next week, but I don't think that's going to stick forever. I just want to see how I feel without eating it for a while.

I am so stuffed full of pizza. We've been eating it all night. I'm SO looking forward to eating fruit tomorrow and really focusing on nutrition over eating for the pleasure of taste. Nothing drove me to eat all of that pizza more than it just being available, so it's nice knowing I'm not a slave to cravings like I used to be. I could have left it alone, but my husband hates for us to waste food. And this wouldn't have been all that good tomorrow. So holy heck we ate it all. SO FULL.

I am disappointed that I didn't get to run today. I wanted to this morning after breakfast had settled, but my husband wanted to go to the movies. So I wanted to do it when we got home, but I was hungry. I ate a little bit and let that digest for a while, but I was hungry again just an hour later. Pizza was ready shortly after that, and I'm still full. Bah. Tomorrow I'm running! And I'm doing week 4. That's crazy!! :o) Wish me luck.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.
(and no more cheese)

Detox and Anxiety

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today was not a great day. I'm going to be honest and open about my experiences today, so let that be your warning. This may be too graphic, but's how I roll. I have nothing to hide, and perhaps talking about all of this will be helpful to me or even someone else. I hope you stick with me.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to blood in my underwear. It's not that time of the month, so that shouldn't have happened. It was confusing, but because of the amount I saw, I put a tampon in and went for a walk. I wore it for two hours but felt the need to take it out. Then I was convinced I had TSS (thanks, anxiety) because all I wanted to do was sleep and my brain was a little fuzzy. After I read the possible symptoms, I was sure I had them all (again, big thanks to my anxiety). It just felt like I was fighting a really bad feeling about something. I don't know if it was the heat, a little dehydration, or just pure panic, because that happens a bit, but my poor husband had to witness a meltdown. I broke down into tears over feeling so nuts. The whole thing was so confusing, and I didn't feel right in my body. This is what the panic attacks do. Ugh. I'm fairly certain this is all partly due to getting off my birth control pill. Still trying to detox that and all. And I haven't seen blood since I took the tampon out. Has anyone ever experienced stuff like this? Let me know.

Tomorrow I am going to post a video where I get pretty real again. It's all about eating disorder behaviors, what's normal, and what shouldn't be happening. I think it'll be useful and informative, and I'm definitely honest with what I've been through and what I currently do. I hope you'll watch!

  • 3 bananas
  • Most of a 7-banana smoothie
  • 2-3 cups red and green seedless grapes
  • Corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa (a lot, omg)
  • Corn pasta with mozzarella and homemade marinara mushroom sauce
Calories: 2500?
Colors: Yellow, red, green, brown, white
Water: Not enough but not sure how much.
Exercise: 45 minute walk, 45 squats, 15 bicycle crunches, 30 second plank, 7 push-ups
Sunshine: 65 minutes (although it was pretty cloudy some of that time)
Sleep: 8.5 hours

Saturday FAQ
  1. What does a good meal consist of?
    A good raw meal would generally be a lot of fruit or a large salad. A lot of fruit is something like this: 8 bananas, 5-6 cups of grapes, 2 pineapples, 6 large mangoes, 4 pounds of strawberries, etc. You eat fruit until you're full - actually full! A large salad would fill a punch bowl and be covered in a fruit/veggie dressing. I use a lot of red wine vinegar and some EVOO as dressing, but you can make a great avocado/orange/tomato dressing too. But fill a punch bowl with greens and veggies. NOM.
  2. If I'm not eating all raw, what cooked food can I eat?
    High carb cooked vegan food is always acceptable. Starches like baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root veggies are good. Rice (brown or white) is another great choice too. You can also find rice flour pastas and corn pastas that make a good meal if you make your own sauce. Legumes work in my book as well. A veggie soup with beans and/or rice would be excellent.
  3. Why am I not losing weight?
    You shouldn't focus on that. But to answer your question, you might not be seeing weight loss because you're not losing weight. Perhaps you're burning fat and gaining other things (muscle, body fluids, bone density, etc) at the same time. Get off the scale and focus on how you feel. Maintaining health will create a slim, healthy body. It'll come in time, but we have to give our bodies time to heal before fat loss becomes priority. Just enjoy the ride.
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Challenges and Rest

Friday, June 28, 2013

Anyone want to join me on a challenge or two? Here are the details:

  1. Challenge #1
    • What: No CHEESE
    • When: July 1-7, 2013
    • Who: Everyone!
    • Why: I want to be completely vegan, and I haven't given up cheese yet!
  2. Challenge #2
    • What: No ADDED SALT
    • When: July 8-16, 2013
    • Who: Everyone!
    • Why: Salt retains water in your body, so I want to see how I feel without it.
If you want to join me on these challenges, you can comment here or on Facebook to let me know. I'd love to have you challenge yourself while I do the same! Keep me posted, people. Yay!

  • 7-banana smoothie = 825 calories
  • 2 lbs strawberries = 300 calories
  • 3-4 cups red and green seedless grapes = 220 calories
  • Pad Thai noodles with broccoli, carrots, and red pepper in a ginger/honey/soy sauce = 800 calories?
  • 2 baked potatoes with homemade salsa = 350 calories
Calories: almost 2500?
Colors: Yellow, red, green, orange, brown
Water:  160 oz
Exercise: Light stretching
Sunshine: 60 mins (most in the car)
Sleep: 7.5 hours

I had some funky digestive issues today. I don't know if it was from being at work (which happens - the stress gets me) or if it was from the salsa and/or noodles from the night before. I ate the noodles again today, so if I feel that stuff tomorrow, then maybe it was that dish. The salsa from today was different. So we'll see. I won't go into the yucky details, but I guess I'm still suffering from my past eating behaviors. I'll keep an eye on it.

Finished another editing project, and I'm starting another one tomorrow. I've been an editing machine, and I love it! I wish it were my only job. Also, I started my certificate program on Monday. Not sure if I've talked about it, but this class is self-paced, so I love it. It's all about grammar right now. Totally my cup of tea! Woo! Also, I work with the best authors. Hands down. <3

Okay, I'm falling asleep. Before 8pm on a Friday night. I'm so lame. But the moral of the story is that I recognize when my body needs rest and I give in to it. Even if it means something won't get done until tomorrow, I let it go. I'm learning to, anyway. Good night!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Video: 3 Excuses For Not Eating A Healthy Diet BUSTED

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh hey, a new video!! Today it's all about busting the top 3 excuses I hear from people about why they don't want to eat healthier diets. Check it out and let me know what you think! And a big thank you to YouTube for always giving me the most ridiculous freeze frames. Goodness. :o)

Thank you for watching my video! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! It only takes a second, and it'll earn you a lifetime of gratitude! <3 Also, let me know what new videos you want me to make! This has been really fun for me, so I'm looking forward to making more. And I have another to share with you tomorrow or Sunday. It's about to get real up in here. See you then!!

  • 32 oz water with lemon and mint leaves
  • 5 smallish bananas
  • 1 baked potato with ketchup (leftovers from yesterday)
  • 6 plums
  • Chips and (toooo hotttt) salsa
  • Pad Thai noodles with broccoli, carrots, and red pepper in a honey/ginger/soy sauce.
Calories: Not sure.
Colors: Yellow, brown, purple, red, green, orange
Water: 140 oz
Exercise: C25K - W3D3, 45 squats, 2 sets 10 bicycle crunches, stretching
Sunshine: 60 minutes
Sleep: 7 hours

I mentioned yesterday that I got some attention I didn't want at work yesterday. I felt weird about getting it again after all this time, but it was nice to answer some questions I guess. Gave me some more practice, anyway. I got all the, "You don't eat meat??" stuff out of the blue. And someone commented on my clothing. I'll make a video about all of this soon though, because it'll be a fun one to make. :o)

Today was chaotic. I ate quite a bit of cooked food, but I did do my run. And squats. And some crunches. I brought it! But now I'm exhausted. I went to bed late last night because I was with my grandma until late. Of course I use the term late loosely, because late to me is 7 pm, which it is right now. I'm so ready for bed. I was with Grandma tonight, too. My husband and puppies came with me this time, and my husband, the saint that he is, made a lot of delicious healthy dinner for us. So thankful for him!

I'd like to talk about my grandma and her health, but it might be a video topic. Either way, her health has declined a ridiculous amount over the years. Watching her now breaks my heart, and I don't want to end up that way. So I'm very grateful for finding this diet in hopes that it'll help me age gracefully and healthily. Yikes.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.
(Your life may depend on it.)

Wednesday Weigh-In

Spent the evening with my grandma last night, so I didn't get to post. Here's all the food I ate yesterday and an update on my weight. It's weird. Tuesday I saw 113.6, an all-time low. And then this morning I saw 115.4, so I'm off the scale until next Wednesday. I don't need to be on it!! LOL! Expect a video tonight. Keep the video ideas coming. I'm looking to make a couple more today. Let me know!

Weight: 114.6
(down 0.8 lbs from last week)

  • 6-banana smoothie
  • Green juice with blended cantaloupe
  • 4 smallish bananas
  • Green juice with blended cantaloupe
  • Maifun noodles with broccoli, cabbage, and carrot in a ginger/soy sauce
  • 2 1/2 cups green seedless grapes
  • 3 baked potatoes (small amount of EVOO and sea salt) with Simply Heinz ketchup
Calories: Not sure
Colors: Yellow, green, orange, brown, red
Water: 130 oz
Exercise: Light stretching
Sunshine: 60 mins in the car
Sleep:7.5 hours

I received a lot of (unwanted) attention at work. I'm pretty sure one of my next videos will be all of the things I've heard, that have been said to my face, about this diet and its effects. I think that will be an interesting one. Haha. Anyway, I'll talk more tonight about the stuff going on. Have a great day!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Why I Eat So Many Bananas

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey all. I made another video! Go find out why I eat so many bananas every day. <3

Do me a favor? Click the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I plan on making lots more videos, but I need your help! Tell me what you want to hear about. Thanks everyone!!

  • 6-banana smoothie = 725 calories
  • 7 plums = 210 calories
  • Spaghetti squash with homemade marinara and half an avocado = 300 calories
  • 4.5 bananas (smallish) = 360 calories
  • Thin brown rice Maifun noodles with broccoli, carrots, and cabbage in a ginger/sesame sauce (a huge portion) = 500 calories
Calories: 2100
Colors: Yellow, purple, red, green, orange
Water: 150 oz
Exercise: C25K - W3D2, 40 squats
Sunshine: 60 mins in the car
Sleep:7 hours

Bananas! I ate a lot of bananas today, and I felt good. But I was hungry ALL DAY! Goodness. The running really helps, but it means I need to eat more throughout the day. Wow. That's exciting because I love to eat, but it's hard when it comes to being at work. I only have so much time to eat, so it's not easy. I'm going to make some juice that I can drink during the day. That'll help I think. We'll see.

Other than that, I made it through the second week 3 run for Couch to 5K! I've never made it past week two, so this is fantastic. It's pretty tough, but I make it through! It's mostly thanks to that Macklemore song - Can't Hold Us. That song is perfect for my speed! Now I just need to work on my posture. My back is hurting again, so I need to strengthen my core, do some yoga, and get that in line. I think I'll work on yoga in July. Yay!

What do you do for exercise? Let me know! And don't forget to watch my video, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and let me know what you want to see next! Tomorrow I'm going to post a video about three different excuses I hear from people about not wanting to eat more fruit and veg. I bust all three! :o) Catch you guys later!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Meatless Monday - Mono Meals

Monday, June 24, 2013

The idea of a mono meal is that you eat one type of fruit or veggie until you're full. Fruits are usually better because they are more dense in calories. Plus, the fruit sugar is good for your cells. Mono meals aid in digestion as well. Your body will recognize that it's all the same food, so it will be more efficient with using it. So for any meal on Meatless Monday (or any day of the week), go for a mono meal of fruit. Give it a shot!

  • 7-banana smoothie

  • Almost a whole cantaloupe (some fell on the floor when I was cutting it.

  • 50+ oz green juice! (Cucumber, celery, green apple, and kale)
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • Spaghetti squash and sauce (a good 2-3 cups of spaghetti squash)
  • Then a salad because I was hungry again an hour and a half later.. LOL.
    • Greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red wine vinegar/grapeseed oil dressing.
Calories: Don't know.
Colors: Yellow, black, green, red, orange
Water: 120 oz
Exercise: 45 min walk, C25K - W3D1, stretching, 40 squats
Sunshine: 45 minutes
Sleep: 7 hours, maybe.

Meatless Monday Recipe:
It is time for today's Meatless Monday recipe! Again, this comes from my personal chef  my husband! He's incredible in the kitchen, and this recipe does not disappoint. It's versatile and packed with lots of veggies and protein. Enjoy!

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are cheap, filling, and healthy! The filling can include anything you want! I'll outline a base recipe below, but feel free to add/remove/substitute with different veggies as you see fit. I rarely make things the same way every time. Cooking is an art, not a science. Have fun with it!

  • 4-6 large green bell pepper (try to get ones with even bottoms that will stand up on their own)
  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 1 cup black beans
  • 3 corn on the cob (about 1-1.5 cup)
  • 1.5-2 cups chopped mushrooms
  • 2-4 tomatoes (make about 2 cups chopped)
  • Anything else you want!
    • onions
    • carrots
    • zucchini
  • seasonings:
    • garlic powder
    • sea salt
    • cumin
    • chili powder
    • black pepper
    • whatever you like!

As you may know, I don't use much of anything out of a can, so we start with the black beans, since they need to soak. I won't go into details about how to cook black beans here. There are numerous recipes for that online. I do season my black beans fairly heavily while they are cooking with the garlic powder, cumin, and chili powder. Add some cayenne if you want to give it some spiciness. Strain them once they are cooked.

While the black beans are cooking, prepare the brown rice. I just use an automatic rice maker. Do it however you desire. Again, there are plenty of instructions for cooking brown rice online.

As the beans and rice are cooking, chop up the other veggies. Cut the carrots into slices, shave the corn off of the cobs, dice up the tomatoes. Set everything to the side as they are prepared. Cut the tops evenly off of the green peppers and remove the seeds. Have a large casserole dish, big enough to fit the peppers in - with a little room left over to add in the filling that wont fit into the peppers.

Once the beans and rice are done cooking, start preheating the oven to about 350F. While the oven is heating, add everything except the green peppers to the pot that you cooked the beans in. Over medium heat, add in the carrots, corn, tomatoes, rice, and beans, and whatever else you added. Season to taste with sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, etc. This doesn't need to cook long, just enough to let the flavors start combining - 6-10 min is plenty. I'd say by the time the oven is heated, you're ready to go. Get everything mixed together well and then start packing it into the peppers. Fill them to the top. Overflowing is fine. Once you have all of the peppers filled, you will probably have a good bit of filling left over. Add it to the casserole dish, filling in the spaces between the peppers. Use it all and then stick it into the oven for 30-45 min depending on how soft you want your peppers.

Once they are done cooking, remove from oven and let cool for 5-10min before serving. Serve a pepper with some additional filling on a plate. Add a side of goat cheese if you like.

Eat your fruits and veggies (and stuffed peppers), kids.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Patience is the key in life, isn't it? We've spent so long being patient as we made the wrong food choices, sat on the couch, drank soda instead of water, stayed up too late, and spent so much time indoors. Now it's time to be patient with our bodies as we let it heal and get better. We'll make smarter food choices, get off the couch, drink lots of water, get some rest, and reconnect with nature. Our bodies will get better, but we have to be patient. Overnight success never lasts, does it?

  • 5-6 red plums (I can't remember if it was 5 or 6 lol)

  • 1/2 a watermelon (about 6 lbs I think)
  • Lentil burger and half a baked potato with some ketchup
  • Spaghetti squash and homemade marinara (a whole spaghetti squash to myself.. omg)
  • Chocolate coconut milk ice cream for dessert.
    • I didn't eat enough fruit during the day. I was craving something sweet!
Calories: Unsure
Colors: Red, green, white, brown, yellow
Water: 100 oz
Exercise: 60 minute walk and stretching
Sunshine: 1hr 15min
Sleep: 8 hours!

Today was kind of strange. I went for a walk before I even ate anything. I could tell the difference. Usually I'll at least eat a banana. I didn't find any of them to be ripe enough exactly, so I skipped it, did my hour-long walk, and ate some plums when I got home. That worked out. Then my husband wanted to go to the movies (Man of Steel in IMAX), so he cut up a watermelon and I sneaked it into the theater. You should have seen my huge purse! Wow. Then I was hungry and heated up a leftover lentil burger. Dinner was fairly early, but I ate a TON of it. Without enough fruit, I needed something sweet. We finished the coconut milk ice cream. I can't even believe how long it lasted in this house. Geesh.

I'm going to make a few videos tomorrow I think. Anything any of you want to know about this lifestyle? I'm going to try to focus on Raw Till 4 this weekend, so I can talk about that if you'd like. Freelee does a great job, but I love to talk.. LOL. Let me know!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Saturday FAQ - Choose For Yourself

Saturday, June 22, 2013

In the end, we just need to do what's right for our bodies. We all think we have the right answers, and we can all find research that supports our individual beliefs. But when it comes down to it, we need to find the balance for ourselves. We should focus on how things make us feel and what things do for our bodies. If things don't feel right, don't do it. If it isn't going to serve you, don't eat it. But if it feels right, do it. Make the best choices you can for yourself. That's all there is to it.

  • 3 bananas
  • Hummus and chips
  • Green juice
    • Cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, collard green, kale, and Granny Smith apple
  • Homemade rice flour crust veggie pizza (A LOT OF IT!)

Calories: No idea.
Colors: Yellow, green, red, brown
Water: 120 oz
Exercise: C25K - W2D3 (again) --> this is running if you didn't know
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: 7 hours

  1. Do you eat a lot of tofu then?
    Well, no. I don't eat it at all actually. Unfortunately tofu is pretty much all GMO at this point, just like corn. Will I NEVER eat it? I'd prefer not to, but I guess it's not a solid no. I'd prefer to not eat so much cheese, but I just can't quit it right now.
  2. Why am I not losing tons of weight by eating this way?Think about it. You've spent your whole life eating one way, so it has taken that long to get you to where you are right now. That includes your weight, activity level, health issues, etc. It took time, so your body will need time to heal too! Freelee really puts it nicely in her video today. As long as you're sticking with the right foods (fruits, veggies, grains, starches, and nuts/seeds - high-carb, low-fat), giving your body the fuel it needs, it'll heal and get you to where you want to be.
  3. Can I eat close to bedtime?
    I say, if you're hungry, then you need to eat. I wouldn't eat a huge meal or anything, but a snack before bedtime probably won't hurt. You don't want the food sitting in your gut all night, and your digestion will slow down with your body as bedtime approaches. So make a wise decision. But my lifestyle isn't a "diet" so there shouldn't be too many rules. It's up to you!
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Weight and Image = Hard Work and Health?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Why are we so focused on weight and image? We're spoon fed photos, videos, and ads with women and men slim and toned, so we think we need to look like that to be accepted. What we don't see if the methods some models use to get that way. It's not healthy, folks. Let's focus on eating a healthy diet, finding an exercise regimen we enjoy and can stick with, getting out in the sun daily, and drinking enough water. Slim and toned are on the other side of hard work and health.

  • 7-banana smoothie (finally with coconut water!) = 800 calories
  • 5.5 smallish bananas = 450 calories
  • A huge portion of spaghetti squash with homemade marinara = 400 calories
  • 3 bananas = 275 calories
  • 2 lentil burgers and 2 baked potatoes with ketchup = 625 calories
Calories: 2450 (finally!!)
Colors: Yellow, red, brown, green
Water: 140 oz
Exercise: C25K - W2D3 (again), light swim
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 7.5 hours

Days are just better when I eat bananas! NOM. I always feel the energy from eating bananas. Plus I was wearing my banana necklace today, so that could have helped. ;o)

I asked on Facebook if you guys would like to see my grocery bills. I have no problem sharing that info with you guys, but I only want to put forth the energy if you think it will help show you that this lifestyle isn't as expensive as you think. It generally seems more expensive because you're buying more fruits and veggies on top of what you're already buying - meat, dairy, frozen dinners, cookies and chips, etc. I'll illustrate today's purchases to start:

  • Walmart - $37.73
    • Bought: 1 bunch curly kale, 16 oz mushrooms, On The Border tortilla chips, 8 mangoes, 2 5.5 oz spring mix/baby spinach mixes, 5.8 lbs Granny Smith apples, 6 avocados, 5.46 lbs roma tomatoes, 4.83 lbs tomatoes, 2.12 lbs green seedless grapes, 4 cantaloupes, 18 lbs bananas
  • Sprouts - $30.66
    • Bought: 1.63 lb green lentils, GF soy sauce, 2.14 lbs black plums, 3.7 lbs broccoli crowns, 3 celery stalks, 1 bunch cilantro, 1 bunch curly parsley, 2.46 nectarines, 1 bunch lacinato kale, 2.38 lbs red plums, 2 watermelons (11.87 lbs and 12.42 lbs)
  • Total for the day - $68.39
    • Some will last weeks, some will last days. I bought things that were on sale or could be price matched at Walmart with local sales. Tomorrow we're going to Market on the Move, so that'll be another $10 for this week.
Eat more fruits and veggies, kids.
(They're not that expensive.)

How I Started Video

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh hey, I made another video:
On how I started this lifestyle and why I still do it..

Subscribe to my channel, give it a thumbs up if it was useful to you, and tell me what else you want videos on! Let me know. <3

  • About 4 cups red seedless grapes = 250 calories
  • Large salad with 5 oz organic spring mix/baby spinach, a carrot, and half a cucumber with a red wine vinegar and 1 tbsp. grapeseed oil dressing = 300 calories
  • 1 banana = 100 calories
  • Spaghetti squash and homemade mushroom marinara = not sure
Calories: 1700? (not enough)
Colors: Red, brown, green, orange, purple, yellow
Water: 130 oz
Exercise: 40 minute walk, C25K - W2D3
Sunshine: 40 minutes
Sleep: 8 hours

The peeing thing, the hair loss, and the anxiety can all be attributed to getting off my birth control pill. It's sad but that could be the culprit. I took another probiotic today, and I've been taking many cranberry pills. I can only hope that'll help flush and keep it healthy in my urinary tract. Wish me luck on all that. Hopefully all the good food will help!!

Beyond all of that, I had a pretty good day. I finished another book, got my walk and run in, and even washed my hair. I also made that video above. I got everything done I really wanted to get done. Then my husband came home and made another incredible dinner. Seriously.. he's the best. If I didn't have him, I'd probably be eating potatoes every night.. LOL. No, I'd make food too. I'm a little rusty, but I'd do it!

I actually didn't eat enough though. And I'm even hungry again right now. I ate A LOT of spaghetti squash, too. So I obviously didn't eat enough today. I was working too hard, ignoring my hunger until it was a little too late. I'll do better tomorrow with work keeping my schedule for me. When I'm at home with no one to feed me, I tend to ignore the signs telling me to eat. That's no good.

Oh yeah. I said I was going to talk about Go Kaleo's blog post today. Look for that tomorrow. I've rambled long enough. Maybe I'll video that stuff. It's good to talk about it, right?

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Wednesday Weigh-in - Late!

Wednesday is date night in Kampmeier house. So I'm getting everything ready this morning. Hopefully you all had a wonderful day yesterday. I'm glad I remember my weigh-in weight from yesterday because this morning (which I shouldn't have checked) is decidedly NOT the same. Stress is no good on the body, folks. NO GOOD.

Weight: 115.2
(down .2 lbs from last week)

  • Cantaloupe milk - 1 whole cantaloupe blended
  • 4 rice cakes with natural PB (literally JUST roasted peanuts) and honey
  • 3 3/4 cups red seedless grapes
  • 3/4 lb strawberries
  • Pad Thai noodles with broccoli, carrots, and a honey/ginger/soy sauce. Recipe is here.
Calories: Unsure.
Colors: Orange, brown, red, green
Water: 140 oz
Exercise: Work.
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: 7 hours.

I've been SO ridiculously stressed out. I'm trying to calm myself down, but I'm feeling more and more symptoms of stress. I need to learn to let go. There aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done, but that's why we'll have tomorrow, right? This is a pretty rough period, but it's not even that bad! I'll figure it all out. :o) I hope you're all doing well.

A message to my friends - Please do not hesitate to ask me about this lifestyle. I am still hearing and seeing people talk about counting calories, starving themselves, doing ridiculous workouts, etc. It doesn't have to be that way, and I'd love to show you how and why. I will not come to you about it because that's not my place. If the conversation about food and diet starts, sure, I'll talk. But you have to be ready for some changes. Come talk with me. What's the worst that can happen? :o)

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Don't Starve. Eat and Be Smart.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You don't have to starve. You don't have to count calories. You don't need to restrict yourself.

You do need to eat. You do need to exercise. You do need to trust yourself when it comes to food.

Be smart. Work at it. You'll get there!

  • Orange/apple/cucumber juice - 55 oz-ish
  • 3 1/2 cups red seedless grapes
  • 2 1/2 cups stuffed green pepper leftovers (Brown rice, black beans, corn, and tomato)
    • Future Meatless Monday recipe from my husband!

  • 2 bananas
  • 2 lettuce wraps - corn, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, and carrot wrapped in a collard green leaf with honey mustard (literally made with honey and mustard.. lol)

Calories: I may be done counting.. lol. Note - I eat when I'm hungry until I'm full. End of story.
Colors: Orange, green, red, yellow, brown, black
Water:  120 oz
Exercise: C25K - W2D2
Sunshine:  10 minutes
Sleep: 7 (not great) hours

I took the probiotic today. Yesterday was very stressful - mostly my own doing. All of the changes in my life have led me to develop panic attacks. Working two jobs and going to school does that to a person. Then I added the stress of a very different diet and exercise regimen and I recently quit taking my birth control pills. My body is SO confused right now. Between detox from the food and the pills, I'm breaking out, losing hair, and getting a bladder infection.  Guh. I'm hoping the cranberry pills and probiotic help out my bladder issue. At least it better not get worse. Please.

I've always been honest on the blog, so there it is. My energy would be higher if I could sleep better. I didn't sleep well the other night, and last night was better but not great. I hope the running helps for tonight. Going to take a warm shower and get in bed.

What do you guys do to de-stress? I want to get into meditation, but I just haven't been feeling it yet. The running is really doing wonders for me, so I hope that keeps working! Let me know. I'd love your tips or tricks.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Meatless Monday - Stress

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wow, guys. Today started off in a panic. Stress is not something I handle well when it's enough, and I'd apparently had enough. Ever have one of those days where nothing is good enough? You can't accomplish every single thing so it's a wasted effort? You don't feel up to par so you want to throw in the towel? I ate a lot of salt and quite a bit of fat in those chips yesterday, and today I am paying for it. I feel a lot of stress-induced symptoms, and I need to learn from this experience and move on. It's hard in the moment, so we all need stress-busters. What do you do?

  • 6 bananas - took a long time since I've been up since 1!
  • Not even a whole serving of coconut milk ice cream.
  • 4 small yellow mangoes
  • Salad with carrot and cucumber, red wine vinegar dressing.
  • 2 baked potatoes with a little ketchup.
  • Husband's stuffed peppers - green peppers with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes, and corn.
Calories: Maybe 1800? 2000?
Colors: Yellow, brown,  green, black, red, orange, purple
Water: LOTS - stupid bladder
Exercise: None - editing
Sunshine: 10 minutes - trying to save a fly
Sleep: 5 hours - no good

Meatless Monday

Time for a Meatless Monday recipe! Today it comes from my amazing husband. It's the Pad Thai noodles he's been working on. You can add whatever veggies you'd like, but this is how he does it. I hope you love it as much as we do!!

Pad-Thai Rice Noodles With Veggies and Asian Ginger Sauce


This recipe is a recent favorite of mine. I modified it from a sauce recipe I used to make for a sesame chicken with white rice dish. It's fast, delicious, and healthy! Eat up!

Main Ingredients:
 - Rice flour pad-thai noodles (we use
Annie Chun's)
 - Veggies! (whichever kind you like! I like broccoli, red pepper, carrots, etc.)

Sauce Ingredients:
 - Honey (preferably raw/organic)
 - Soy sauce (preferably organic/gluten-free)
 - Powdered Ginger
 - Garlic powder
 - Water
 - Corn Starch
 - Crushed Red Pepper (optional)
 - Sesame Seed Oil (optional)
 - Toasted Sesame Seeds (optional)

Time, including prep, is less than 30 min until it's on the table!

The measurements needed will vary by how much food you want to make, of course, but I will lay out what I use for a rather large meal for 2 people. 

I use a large head of broccoli, 1 red bell pepper, and 1 or 2 large carrots. Cut them into stir fry size pieces. The pepper cooks quickly, but I like to pre-steam the broccoli and carrots so they are just about done. I do this while the water for the noodles is heating to a boil. While the veggies are steaming, get your sauce prepared.

Mix together in a bowl, 1/3 cup honey, 1/3 cup soy sauce, 2/3 cup hot water. To make more sauce, just keep honey/soy sauce equal and double that much in water. Add about 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp corn starch. You can add more or less ginger and garlic to suit your tastes. Optionally, you can add 1/2-1 tsp crushed red pepper to the sauce to give it some spice. I love the red pepper, but I add it afterwards since Michelle can't do spicy food. You can also add a couple of drops of sesame seed oil for a sesame flavor. Be careful - sesame seed oil is potent and a few drops goes a long way. Mix this all together and let sit until the water for the noodles comes to a boil.

Once the water is at a rolling boil, add the noodles. They cook FAST - about 4 min. After a minute or two, add the veggies to the large pan/wok. Pour the sauce over them. It should start to simmer pretty quickly. About this time, the noodles should be done. Strain, rinse, and toss into the pan with the veggies and sauce. Toss it all together for about a minute. The sauce should begin to thicken pretty quickly.

Serve in a bowl. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds if desired.


Eat your fruits and veggies (and rice noodles), kids.

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to all the fellas out there with kids, step-kids, fur-kids, foster kids, and any other kids. You're all appreciated for the hard work you put in. I have two amazing fathers in my life, my own dad and my husband. And while I don't have any grandfathers, I have two fathers-in-law to celebrate today as well. Most of the men in my life have been incredible inspirations. I am the woman I am today because of all of you. Keep it up! <3

  • 5 bananas and lots of water - fuels me for my walk and run!
  • Chips and homemade salsa
  • 3 1/2 baked potatoes and some salsa
Calories: ??
Colors: Yellow, red, green, white, brown
Water: A lot + sun tea
Exercise: 1 hr walk and C25K - W2D1
Sunshine:  1 hr 30 min
Sleep: 8 hours

It's been a day of fathers, fun, sun, and sweat. Time to finish up some editing work and go to bed. Have a great evening!!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Saturday FAQ - Food and its Worth.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

This lifestyle is more than just food. Food is a huge part of it, of course. But the food is only the first step. The food gives us the energy we need to get outside and get some sunshine. It gives us the fuel we need to get active and healthy. It gives us a reason to drink more water for fluids in our bodies. So choose your foods wisely. Nourish your body with food that will give it the strength to do everything you need to do and more. It's always a choice, so make a smart decision. Define the worth of food beyond taste.

  • 5 small bananas
  • 1 3/4 lb strawberries
  • Small salad with cucumber, carrot, and a honey mustard dressing (homemade)
  • 1/2 cup So Delicious chocolate coconut milk ice cream
    • Had to try this stuff out since Husband brought it home the other day. Nom.
  • Pad Thai rice noodles with and red pepper and a honey/ginger/soy sauce (homemade)

Calories: Too busy to break it down today.
Colors: Yellow, red, green, orange, purple, brown
Water: 150 oz
Exercise:  60 minute walk
Sunshine: About an hour and fifteen minutes
Sleep: 9 hours I think. Sweeeeeet.

  1. I shouldn't be eating that many carbs, right?
    Wrong. Fruits and veggies are.. CARBS. Low-fat carbs are your best friends. This includes most fruits, vegetables, and cooked carbs in the form of grains like quinoa, rice (even white rice), and oats. Baked potatoes are also good options if you don't eat 100% raw. Carbs are not the enemy, folks. Don't believe me? Check out Raw Till 4.
  2. Can I just eat any raw food then?
    Well, it depends on your goals! Raw foods are great until you're eating a lot of high-fat raw foods. Avocados, nuts, and oils are raw, but they're very high in fat. If your goal is weight loss (or just maintenance), then high-fat foods won't help you, raw or not. Stick with low-fat and high-carb foods. If you need fat, then a raw food source is a better choice for sure.
  3. Why do I have a stomach ache when I only ate bananas?
    Bananas are fruits, and fruit sugar digests differently than other foods. The stomach ache is likely from the combination of fruit sugar with whatever is still slowly digesting in your belly. We need to give our bodies time to process the old stuff by cleansing it with the new. Don't expect miracles, but let your body heal. Spacing meals apart will help that in the future.
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Moderation of Real Food

Friday, June 14, 2013

As much as moderation is the key, it should be moderation of all real foods. I understand the want to eat things that are bad for us, but we shouldn't want to eat food that just plain isn't food anymore. Just because something fits the diet you're eating right now doesn't mean you should eat it. If it isn't food, then it really shouldn't be eaten. If you absolutely need to eat those things, then once a year is plenty. Try to give up that which isn't food because it isn't nourishing and energizing your body. It's zapping your energy and depriving you of a higher vibration. Eat living, vibrant food, and your body will thank you.

  • Orange/cucumber/apple juice (64 oz) = 600 calories?

  • 1 pound strawberries = 150 calories

  • 1 large head of broccoli marinated in red wine vinegar and 1 1/2 tbsp EVOO = 250 calories

  • Pizza! Homemade polenta crust, real mozzarella cheese, homemade sauce, and a bunch of veggies. I ate half. = ??? calories
My husband is the bomb in the kitchen, yo.
  • More pizza! This time with a rice flour crust.
Calories: Not sure. Quite a lot though.
Colors: Orange, green, red, yellow
Water: 128 oz (Not enough)
Exercise: A 45 minute walk, C25K - W1D3
Sunshine: 45 minutes
Sleep: 8 solid hours. Whoa.

I went for a walk this morning. It was my new usual path and I ran across something I forgot I did on Monday. On a path between houses, I found some sidewalk chalk and wrote some messages. "You are awesome!" "Have a great day!" "Eat more fruits and veggies!" They were still there this morning when I walked that path, and it made me smile even though I'd written them. Hopefully it did that for some others.

My run today was some great progression too. I'm really enjoying it! It's a lot easier now that I've lost weight. My lungs can handle all the air and my knees don't kill. It's amazing what time and healing can do. Running was never my thing. I have really good running shoes because a while back I wanted to really get into running. It never stuck with me because I was bad at it and didn't like it. But now I'm ready for it. Plus, it means I can eat even more, though I don't know how that'll even be possible.. lol.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Follow the Leader

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This is NOT a good idea, folks. We know this now, right? If you don't, please check out the rest of my blog. We can eat all we want! We can still lose weight (if we need to) and get fit and healthy. It's possible, even if we're eating more than the dreaded 1300 calories we've allotted for today. Get some fruit! And lots of it! Eat some baked potatoes or rice pasta. It's delicious, and carbs are good for you. Don't get stuck in those cycles of dieting to lose weight only to gain it all (and then some) back. We can break free from limits and guilt. Follow me. I'll lead the way. 

  • 6 banana smoothie with water, ice, cinnamon, and chia seeds = 675 calories
  • 4 cups red seedless grapes = 250 calories
  • Brown rice pasta with homemade marinara = 500 calories
  • 2 bananas = 200 calories
  • 1 whole honeydew melon = 400 calories
Calories: 2025
Colors: Yellow, brown, black, red, green
Water: 165 oz
Exercise: Light stretching.
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: 7.5 hours

Someone thought I was sunburned today. I'm not red, but I do look tan for me! And someone else said that this food seems like it's doing really good things for my skin. I was shocked because I feel like my skin is still pissed off about the cheese. But I guess from a slight distance it does look pretty good. That's exciting!

I've been running these past two days. I guess I can hardly call it running, but for me, it's really thrilling. It appears that 20 pounds makes a lot of difference when it comes to running. My lungs can handle it better, and I'm not wondering if the minute is up every five seconds. Incredible! I'm looking forward to another session tomorrow! And I'll be signing up for a 5K very soon here. Goals, people. I'm telling you! They help and work.

Lastly.. I wore one of my new Real Fruit Jewelry necklaces. It started a lot of conversations at work! I think it's totally cute, and it really got people talking. People were shocked that it was a real slice of orange! Check out her shop. It's all really fantastic stuff.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.
(or wear them!)

Wednesday Weigh-in - Bloated!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One of the best things you can do for yourself is set a goal. It can be big or small, and you can have multiple ones at the same time. Setting small goals will keep you on track. Aim for one raw meal a day at the beginning. Or set out to try new foods each week to find more you can add to your diet. You can have a reward system if it'll help you motivate you, but don't make food the reward. If you have to, make it a raw recipe if you can. But don't be too hard on yourself if you fail and just don't succeed. We all make mistakes and can't do it all. Go slow and you'll be more likely to keep these new healthy habits.

Weight - 115.4 lbs
(Up 1.2 lbs from last week)

  • 6 banana smoothie with water, chia seeds, and cinnamon = 700 calories
  • 7 bananas (5 small, 2 large) = 500 calories

  • 2 baked potatoes with homemade salsa = 325 calories
  • 3 cups watermelon = 135 calories
  • Eggplant and brown rice pasta with homemade marinara = 450 calories
A good Meatless Monday option!

Calories: 2205
Colors:  Yellow, black, brown, red, green, white
Water: 200 oz
Exercise:  1 cycle of each of these and C25K - W1D2
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: 7 hours

Did my run today!

I think my weight is up because I've been eating salt a lot this week. It's that time of the month, and I'm super puffy and bloated. Plus, I ate that pizza twice in a week. Either way, I'm still eating salt in the food my husband makes for me, but I've upped my water intake (as you can see). Either that will flush me out or bloat me more with water retention. I guess we'll find out! I'm working out now, so that'll help either way. Sweating lots here in the 111 degree heat, too!

Either way, this is my first period without my birth control pills. Josh got fixed 6 months ago, so I finally was able to quit taking them. I can SO tell the difference at this point. It's unfortunate, but if I keep as raw as possible, that should ease the situation. I've noticed that much - WAY easier cramps, lighter flow, etc etc. This has been quite an experience, so I'm glad to see how the pills were working. Hopefully the food will help. I'll make that my new goal - raw for easier periods. It can happen!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Pay Closer Attention + Video #1!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I had to deal with yesterday's food choices today. This is usually why we just continue to eat the way we do. We eat what tastes good because we won't feel the effects until later. We eat, forget, and then feel the problems hours later. And after that happens, we don't always associate the symptom with the actual cause. So let's learn more about our bodies and pay closer attention. Find out what effects different foods have on your body to make smarter choices. What do you think?

  • Smoothie (5 bananas, water, cinnamon, ice) = 450 calories
  • 4 cups red seedless grapes = 240 calories
  • 2-3 cups spaghetti squash and homemade marinara = 150 calories
    • It was a lot of spaghetti squash and kept me full, but apparently it's super low-cal! Goodness.
  • 2 Fuji apples = 190 calories
  • 2 baked potatoes with cheddar cheese and homemade salsa = 325 calories
Calories: 1455 (Whoops. Not good.)
Colors: Yellow, red, white, green, brown
Water: 205 oz
Exercise: C25K - W1D1
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: 7.5 hours

I'm not gonna lie - I'm worried about tomorrow's weigh-in!

I've noticed a lot of changes over the last four months. Yes, I've lose weight. But there have also been internal changes that no one can see. Since I'm always honest, I'll share this one with you. It's currently that time of the month. I can tell because I'm retaining water from eating salt, and it shows. I can feel it too. And I have zero cramps. I also barely see my period right now. Up until last month I was on birth control pills. I've recently quit those, so I'm detoxing in all kinds of ways. My hair is thinning but my cardiovascular strength is getting better. It's all about balance like I always say.

Speaking of balance, I've been feeling bad about eating cheese. It's the only animal product I still eat, and I am attached more and more each time I tell myself I shouldn't eat it. I'm supposed to feel no guilt about the food I eat, but the people I look up to wouldn't eat cheese if it were the last thing on earth. I'm trying to emulate a clean diet, but cheese just won't quit me. So what do I do? Keep eating it. I had some on my baked potatoes tonight, and the pizza last night was covered in mozzarella. I thought perhaps it gave me enough of a stomach ache today for me to give it up, but I ate it again. What the hell? Well, the more I tell myself no, the more I just want to do it.

I didn't have to tell myself no when I switched over to this because I realized I didn't WANT that stuff anymore. Cheese just isn't one of those things I can say I don't want. What do you guys think? I shouldn't have to give up everything, but the point is to eat clean, unprocessed, and natural. Hmm. Also, sorry that I forgot about Meatless Monday. Next week, I promise! Until then, I didn't eat anything with meat today (as always) so take some options from today's menu if you'd like.

So, I made a video. Want to check it out? I would be forever grateful!

Thanks! Now that that's out of the way, I'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see next from me? I had a lot of fun making this video, so I'm looking forward to recording more! What would you like me to talk about? Let me know!! Comment here or catch me on any of the various social media sites you can link to through the right sidebar. Thanks! <3
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

No More Scales!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Attention! Please step off your scale. Do not define yourself by that number. Those digits do not tell the whole story. Many different things can be happening in your body, but you take one number and assign it one factor: fat. Your body is made up of bones, fluids, muscle, fat, and more. The number you see when you step on your scale is ALL of those things. Yet, when the number goes up, you assume you've gotten fat. When you start eating cleaner and more raw, your body gains bone mass, muscle mass, body fluids, and other things. That number going up when you're eating right is probably not fat, but our minds associate weight gain with failure. Stop! Just stop. Celebrate feeling healthier, eating cleaner, and being a better you. Get off the scale!

  • Smoothie (5 bananas, water, cinnamon, chia seeds, ice) = 500 calories
  • Orange/celery/cucumber juice (fresh) = 325 calories?

  • Small salad with red wine vinegar dressing = 20 calories, maybe?
  • Corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa = 300 calories
  • More chips and salsa = 300 calories
  • Chakra 4 pizza...again.
Calories: 2000+?
Colors: Yellow, orange, green, red, white, brown
Water: 120-140 oz
Exercise: 45 min walk, 10 of these.
Sunshine: 1 hour
Sleep: 7 hours

Went to dinner with a friend tonight. It was really great to see her. It had been a very long time! I ate the pizza again, and that might be the last time. My body is not pleased. And it shouldn't be! Gluten-free or not, that pizza is full of cheese and fat. I ate it and enjoyed it, but I could feel a difference this time around. And I feel it now, an hour and a half later. I won't go into detail, but I'll try to refrain from that type of food for a while. I know exactly what I want to try next time. :o)

After dinner, we went over to the really cool hippie store next door. Josh bought a shirt for himself and a cool new hat for me. Check it out!

Until tomorrow! For now, I better listen to my own advice..

Eat more fruits and veggies, kids.

Make Good Choices

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not all days are perfect. But at the very least you can try every day to make good choices, smarter decisions, and better food swaps. If you're at the beginning of your healthy journey, try to replace one meal a day with a plant-based group of foods. Attempt to move away from all the processed foods you're currently eating and swap them for healthier replacements. Almost everything you currently eat can be made in a healthier way. So for people who think they'll have to give everything up, you won't. And you always have me to help you figure it out. :o)

  • 6 small bananas = 480 calories
  • Eggplant with marinara and goat cheese = 175 calories
  • 3 cups red seedless grapes = 180 calories
  • Handful of cashews = 100 calories
  • Salad (organic 1/2 and 1/2 mix, carrot, cucumber, red wine vinegar dressing) = 125 calories
  • Husband's homemade salsa and corn tortilla chips = 200 calories
  • Pad Thai noodles with carrots, broccoli, red pepper, and cabbage with a honey/garlic/soy sauce = 400 calories?
    • My husband is a god in the kitchen. OMG.
Calories: 1660 (not enough... again)
Colors: Yellow, purple, red, orange, green, brown, white
Water:  110 oz
Exercise:  45 minute walk (about 3.5 miles)
Sunshine: 60 minutes
Sleep: 9.5 hours. I needed it!!

I actually ate quite a bit of cooked food today. That's what happens when we have leftovers in the house. My husband cooked a lot of stuff this weekend! All of it was meatless and plant-based, so at least there is that. I did add the goat cheese to my eggplant, but that's the way I love it right now. Oh well. And those Pad Thai noodles.. holy heck. Delicious with the sauce he made! Best part? They're just rice flour and water, so they're totally Raw Till 4 approved! If you don't know what that is, check it out. It's a great beginner's guide to a lifestyle like this.

I'm very full on all those carbs and veggies. I love living off carbs! TRUE carbs - not fats and sugars  mislabeled as carbs (breads, wheat pastas, and other baked goods). Fruit and veggie carbs, potato and rice carbs, nom nom nom carbs. They taste good, keep my body running in tip top shape, and make me lookin' good. I'll take it.

My legs are super sore from my P90X Cardio X workout on Friday. STILL. I want to start the real program soon, but I want my husband to join me. Then I'll want to be making more green juices when I'm finished with the workouts. And eat more bananas I guess. I have a ton of them ready to be eaten! Ahh! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Saturday FAQ: Calories, Detox, and Giving Up

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This was not a great day. A couple times I waited too long to eat today and I got sick and/or irritated. I call the hunger-induced irritation being hangry. And boy, I was hangry a couple times! I was half being lazy and half trying to work. Plus, I'm totally behind on sleep, but that was worth it last night. Now I'm just dragging and making poor decisions. I started out strong for being so tired, and it just went downhill once I let myself get that hungry without doing much about it. I didn't drink enough water so I'm feeling very exhausted and worn out. But dinner was incredible. My husband is so talented in the kitchen! I'm a very lucky girl. But I'm going to take this day and make it a learning experience. I'll get to bed early tonight, drink lots of water in the morning, and eat more fruit tomorrow. I think I'll make some juice while I'm at it, too. I'll also get in a really great walk and more editing tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  • 5 bananas = 500 calories
  • Most of an apple = 50 calories
  • Handful of cashews = 150 calories

  • Zucchini noodles and raw marinara = 100 calories

  • Spaghetti squash and eggplant with homemade marinara and goat cheese = ??

Calories: Probably not enough. Boo :o(
Colors: Yellow, green, red, purple
Water: Again, not enough. Didn't keep track though.
Exercise: I'm so sore from yesterday.
Sunshine: 15 minutes maybe.
Sleep: 5 hours. Booooo.

  1. Will I go through a detox stage when switching to this diet?
    Great question. If you make it a gradual change, you may not notice the bad detox symptoms. If you wake up one morning and decide you want to switch from all the fast foods and processed foods you've been eating and only eat fruits and vegetables, then yes, you'll more than likely go through a detox that may not be pleasant. I did this for the most part, and I had two pretty awful days: vomiting, headaches, moodiness, lethargy. However, those might not have been detox symptoms, per se. You may be dehydrated, eating too much fat, etc. If you try to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet right now and slowly remove all the junk, you should be fine. But everyone is different.
  2. But what if I can't give up [insert food here]?
    No one is perfect, so don't forget that. Even those who consider themselves completely raw vegans eat cooked food every once in a while. So if you're fearing not being able to give something up, just relax! The more you stress about it, the worse it is, right? My advice is always to try a juice fast if you think you can do it. Even 2-3 days will be enough to help curb those cravings. It worked for me after a 5-day juice fast, and I've hardly looked back. And if you just can't give it up, try making your own version with healthier ingredients. At least this way you know it's not processed and bad for you, right? (Then please share the recipe!!)
  3. How many calories should I eat on this diet?
    We shouldn't focus on calories unless we're counting to make sure we've eaten enough. That sounds like a foreign concept, but a calorie, as we know it, isn't what we think it is. Here's a great article explaining the whole concept if you're interested. Either way, when you're eating for nutrition, we should be satisfying our bodies. Eat to live, so to speak. So eat when you're hungry and eat until you're full - no more, no less. Check out Freelee's YouTube channel for more information on calories and quantity. She recommends 2500-3000 a day (and getting active, but still).
Check out my new social media buttons and feel free to stalk me. Submit your questions for Sat FAQ by any means necessary. I love spreading the knowledge and keeping you all informed!
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Grocery Shopping

Friday, June 7, 2013

I had a friend ask me if I could take her body for a while, do what I'm currently doing to mine to hers, and then give it back when I'm done. I had to laugh because it was a cute thought. She's a wonderful person, and it pains me to hear indirectly negative thoughts about her body. It gave me the intro to have the raw food discussion with her, so I'm happy she felt open enough to joke around with me about it. She wrote down her email address so I could send her my standard email. It also got someone else in the vicinity to write down her email address as well. YAY! Anyone who wants more info on juicing and eating raw foods gets my email. It has lots of good information, links, and suggestions. I'll post it all here soon.

  • Banana smoothie with 6 bananas = 700 calories
  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
  • 1 head of broccoli with red wine vinegar = 75 calories
  • 2 bananas = 200 calories
  • 2 lentil burgers = 350 calories
  • I might have a salad a little later because I might be up for a while. We'll see!
Calories: 1725
Colors: Yellow, green, brown, orange, red
Water: 180 oz
Exercise: P90X Cardio X, swimming
Sunshine: 1 hours
Sleep: 7.5 hours

One of my lovely and amazing friends asked me to write about grocery shopping: where I go, what I get, and how much I spend. Here's the basic breakdown:
  1. Walmart - YES, I go to Walmart. I'm not made of money, so things I can price match easily I'll get at Walmart. Produce doesn't have coupons (which I used to use a LOT), so price matching is a great way to save money.
  2. Sprouts - This is a "farmers market" grocery store. It's basically a health store here in AZ. Lots and lots of produce and many non-mainstream food choices. Love it. Brown rice pasta, kettle-cooked potato chips made with olive oil, and decent corn tortilla chips. Yup.
  3. Other grocery stores - Here in AZ we have a lot of stores geared toward our Mexican-Americans. I love these stores because their produce prices are really good. Definitely check them out or other alternative stores near you.
  4. Market on the Move - I'm so happy I heard about this through a friend. Find programs like this around you. I pay $10 and get a huge box of up to 60 lbs worth of produce. It's incredible. We try to make use of it all, and it's great stuff! We also have Bountiful Baskets, but I haven't participated in that one.
  5. Farmers markets - We don't go to many around here, and in the summer they are sparse since it's so hot now. But try and find some good farmers markets near you. Google does a great job if you type in your town or metro area and 'farmers markets' too. Let me know what you find!
I'd also suggest gardening and growing your own food. THIS would be the best option, but we have not started yet. As far as money goes, I spend about $50-100 a week. I used to pay about $80 a week in groceries (mostly because we bought a lot of meats) and then went out to dinner at least twice a week, paying $30-50 each time. So I save all of that money from not going to out to eat because we rarely go. Once or twice a month do we eat a meal that didn't come from my own kitchen. I have to admit that I go multiple times a week though. Fresh food just doesn't have a shelf life, so prepare yourself for a few times a week unless you get miracle produce. Price matching helps, Sprouts has some good prices and great produce, and the other stores and programs are good finds. Just be on the lookout for different stores and opportunities around you! It's possible to live this way when you find the right deals and stop buying the processed foods and meats.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Cultivate Healthy Habits

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We're all so worried about weight, but I can't stress enough about not defining yourself by that number. I'd stopped weighing myself because I'm much more concerned with being healthy now. I weigh myself for this blog to show you that weight can be maintained, but it's really not necessary. It's definitely a different mindset that's needed to switch from hoping to be skinny to wanting to be healthy. The best thing about getting healthy is that "skinny" comes with it! While it doesn't happen in two weeks like some fad diets will promise, it'll happen over time, which is best. By making healthier food choices over a longer period of time than a fad diet would last, you'll also be creating habits that will keep the weight off. That's really what you want, right? So trust me!

  • 4 small bananas = 340 calories
  • 3 small bananas = 255 calories
  • 1 banana = 85 calories
  • 3 peaches = 120 calories
    • This was not enough. I was STARVING, hence the pizza.
  • Gluten-free small pizza with "sausage" (walnuts) and mushrooms from Chakra 4. = ??? calores

Calories: I don't know. 1500-2000?
Colors: Yellow, orange, red, green, black, brown
Water: 150 oz
Exercise: Light stretching. Doing it right this weekend.
Sunshine: About an hour
Sleep: 7.5 hours.

So I ate a pizza today. That's right - I ate a whole pizza by myself. It was gluten-free, but it was cooked and it wasn't vegan. For shame! Right? Maybe not. Part of me thinks I should feel guilty for eating that pizza. Part of me thinks I shouldn't have eaten it at all. And another part of me, the part that won, realizes that sometimes that stuff happens! I made the best choice I could have made for myself. I chose the restaurant because it's a completely vegetarian place. They make raw, gluten-free, and vegan choices and completely respect the lifestyle. I could have had this with vegan cheese, but more times than not, vegan cheese is highly processed. So instead of eating super processed fake cheese, I went with the real (and organic) stuff. It's all about choice. And balance, right? I should practice what I preach so often here. I'll remember that I'm not perfect, I don't always eat raw or vegan, and that is okay. It's okay! So just like I'd tell you, I'll breathe, relax, and move on to the next meal. That might happen tomorrow because I'm still pretty full. Haha!

I also left some of my food at home today. It was an accident, and those things happen. I meant to bring two bunches of bananas today but left one on the counter. I remembered in the car a little too late. I'm glad I brought as many peaches as I did, but those ended up hurting my mouth - it got irritated by the fuzz or something. This is the second time that's happened with these peaches, and it makes me sad that we picked so many if I can't eat them. My husband is on a juice fast, so he's not eating them either. The point is, I'd already had this pizza on my radar, so don't think I was skimping on other meals to make up for this pizza. I have no idea how many calories were in the pizza, but I don't count calories to make sure I am not eating too much. I count the calories for YOU, to show YOU that I eat quite a bit and maintain my weight and health. But my calories are normally GOOD calories - fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and grains. Cheese is not the best choice for this lifestyle. It's not raw and it's not vegan, and it's just animal fat. Cheese is the only animal protein I still eat, and I don't eat it often, as you can see. Perhaps I'll move completely away from it someday, but I'm not too worried about it right now.

What I do need to do is start working out. I think I'm going to swim tomorrow for a while, and this weekend I want to try to start P90X. Has anyone else done that? I did it a couple years ago, and I really loved it. I'll walk in the mornings when I can as well. I love those walks in the sun!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Wednesday Weigh-In: Inspirational Friends

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

While taking a break at work today, I checked my phone to find this amazing message from an incredible friend doing a juice fast:

I woke up this morning SIX lbs lighter! I have never lost that much in only 3 days! Wow!!! And I feel fantastic! I wake up with energy and sleep better. I'm so moving to a raw diet after I'm done with this. I love it! Thanks for all your inspiration and sharing wonderful videos (Freelee and Fully Raw)!

There are many reasons why I love this. First of all, she's thriving on a juice fast. She's cleaning out all the built up gunk in her body, seeing awesome changes, and feeling healthier. She's also thinking about moving on to raw foods when she's finished because she's feels so good. I'm telling you, the feelings are contagious, and once you catch it, you don't want to let go! Plus, she's inspired by my blog and what I share with you all. I'm so happy to be that person because I love feeling healthy and spreading the good fortune I've been blessed with. You are all so amazing and inspiring to me! It continues to drive my healthy journey as well, so thank you! <3 <3

Weight: 114.2
down 0.2 from last week

  • Smoothie (the usual) = 650 calories
  • 4 cups red seedless grapes = 240 calories
  • 3 baked potatoes with salt = 525 calories
  • 3 peaches = 150 calories
  • Probably some peaches. Add another 250-300 calories. See note at bottom for the reason for this.
Calories: 1845?
Colors: Yellow, brown, black, red, orange
Water: 135 oz
Sleep: 7.5 hours

So... are you noticing what I'm noticing? My weight isn't going up from eating all of these calories!! Hmm. Makes you think, doesn't it? *wink*

Note: Wednesday nights are date nights here in this house. Tonight's date night plan is to check out Goodwill and go for a swim. No phones, no computers, no separate activities on Wednesday nights. So I'll catch you all tomorrow. <3

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Fat = Good or Bad?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let's talk about fat. I've read a lot of about fat, and I've heard people talk about fat in their own diets - what place it has, how much they eat, what kinds they'll consume. It's overwhelming! And when we get down to it, we're really looking for a balance. Raw vegans seem to want to keep their fat down to 10% of their overall calories. That means just one avocado is too much fat. That seems a little drastic to me. I wouldn't want to cut out avocados, a natural food, just because it's fatty - it's good fat! I had one yesterday, and today I ate another one. I might avoid them for another few days, but that's mostly because I don't have any more. I still use extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil on salads and potatoes. It's probably not the best choice on a high carb raw food diet, but seriously.. I'm not going to stress about it! This lifestyle shouldn't stress you out. Long term, it'll all work out if you keep fat in your diet in moderation. Balance is the key!

  • Smoothie (5 1/2 small bananas, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tsp cinnamon, 3/4 cup coconut water, ice) = 550 calories
  • 4 tangelos = 240 calories
  • Broccoli with red wine vinegar and 1/2 tbsp EVOO = 190 calories
  • Small avocado = 280 calories
  • 2 Fuji apples = 185 calories
  • 4.5 oz blueberries = 70 calories
  • 2 small baked potatoes with salt and EVOO = 350 calories
Calories: 1865
Colors: Yellow, black, brown, orange, green, red, blue
Water: 150 oz
Exercise: Light stretching
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: Maybe 6.5 hours. Thanks, nap.

Food I took to work today. Lunch and snacks.
I hear some people at work talk about how they're trying this diet but that they're not on my level. "On my level." Hmm. Sure, I eat a lot more fruits and veggies than anything else, but I'm still eating a lot of fat calories, corn tortilla chips on occasion, and salt. Could I be doing better? Sure! We all can. But should I be stressing about it? Hell no. I hope you're understanding the difference here. I don't stress out about eating some corn chips when the other 85% of my day was fruits and veggies. When the other 90% of my week was fruits and veggies, it's probably not a big deal. If I wanted to lose more weight, be a little less puffy, then I'd stop consuming as much fat and salt. But I'm getting comfortable with my body and I have to be real with the food I eat. I eat 95% fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grains. Who wouldn't be happy with that? But you don't have to strive to be "on my level." Just be on your level, and try to eat more fruit and veg every day. That's all you can do, right?
If you guys haven't yet checked out Freelee, you should. Today she posted a video about why you might see no weight loss or even weight gain when you start a high carb, high fruit, raw food lifestyle. This isn't a diet that should be used to lose weight. You may be gaining bone density, fluids, or muscle mass too. Don't ever be discouraged by that number on the scale. We aren't defined by our weight. For this, you should also check out Go Kaleo. She's incredibly inspirational when it comes to weight as well.
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

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