Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 27, 2013

It feels like Sunday since my husband is at home with me today. I have every Monday off from my part-time job for school and editing, but it's a holiday here in the US. It's Memorial Day, and I'd love to use this moment to give my thanks to all who have served this country, past, present, and future. Thank you.

We were going to start a juice fast, but the timing today wasn't right for me. Josh is sticking with it, and I'll probably juice for dinner throughout the week, maybe even for breakfast since my bananas aren't ripe yet. A juice fast is a part of our lifestyle because sometimes we need to cleanse our body of toxins that might have built up over time. We don't just ingest toxins through food and drink - we also pick up toxins from our environment and the products we use. The juice fast allows our bodies to heal themselves when digestion isn't needed. This includes healing inside and out. I'm going to aim for being 99% raw this week. I don't say 100% because I cannot guarantee the rawness of some of the foods I eat - vinegar, nuts, etc. So we'll see. So far so good today! Just didn't eat enough today.

  • Juice: pineapple, orange, apple, and carrot
  • 1 canary melon
  • 2 C sweet cherries
  • Juice: cucumber, celery, carrot, apple, bok choy

  • 2 C cherry tomatoes
  • 1 large Granny Smith apple
Calories: I don't even know today. Too much math with juice!
Colors: Yellow, orange, green, red
Water: 128 oz
Exercise: Light stretching. Editing again today.
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 7.5 hours

I didn't eat enough today, and I'm feeling it. Basically, I'm going to eat this apple, get some food ready for tomorrow, take a shower, and pass out. I have a LOT to edit tomorrow since a book is due. Hopefully I can make it happen. I kind of have a headache from the lack of food, but this day was just weird. Like I mentioned above, my husband is fasting, so we're not on the same schedule. Plus, he was home today with me, and I'm not used to that. So yeah. Calling it a night. <3

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


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