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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today I was asked how long it took for me to get over cravings for processed, fast, and junk foods. My response was 5 days. As previously mentioned, I completed a juice fast. It took me 5 days. I hope you're putting two and two together right now. After a five-day juice fast, where I drank nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juice, water, and tea, I lost all cravings for the crap foods I was eating before. I know that I previously used to really WANT Oreos or Burger King. I'd stop after work and pick those things up to eat them by myself because I didn't want anyone knowing that I was eating such junk all the time. Now, when I drive by fast food places, eating there sounds so gross. I'm sure it would smell and taste delicious still, but knowing the kind of harm it will do to my body from doing research and watching documentaries makes me remember that it's SO not a good idea. Plus, not having the craving for it makes it pretty simple! Is a juice fast for everyone? Probably not. I stuck with it and I am where I am because of it.

  • Smoothie (5 bananas, 1/2C coconut water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ice) = 600 calories
  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
  • Stuffed pepper with avocado = ??? not sure. Probably 500+ calories
  • 1 lb strawberries = 145 calories
  • Salad (3-4C Earthbound Farm Organic Half and Half with 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1/2 head of broccoli, and a 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes) = 160 calories
  • Dressing (1 tbsp grapeseed oil and 2 tbsp red wine vinegar) = 135 calories
  • Raw brownie (Husband version - amazing!) = ??
Calories: About 2000-2100
Colors: Yellow, black, green, orange, brown, red
Water: 155 oz
Exercise: 30 Day Shred level 3
Sunshine: Only in the car. Boo.

This broccoli and red wine vinegar thing is my absolute new favorite snack. I wanted to eat it today so I just put it on my salad. Nom nom nom!! If you haven't tried this, you should. You can use balsamic vinegar too. They're both delicious. Add a little EVOO or grapeseed oil and you're golden. It's simple to snack on! 

I won't lie though. My tummy area still has a pooch, and it's driving me nuts. I want to take pictures so you all can see full body transformation, but I just can't do it with my sports bra. I don't want to get all weird about it, and I don't want to change my diet necessarily because I love how I'm eating, and that's the point. I think I'll spend the weekend juicing more than I have been lately and work on getting back to basics again. Less oil, more fruit and veg. And I'm working out almost every day. I feel like I should be seeing better results. I mean, my endurance is better, and my strength is improving, but I want my stomach and arms to LOOK better. I know.. it's been three weeks. I'll keep going with it! 

This weekend I'll post up the email I usually send to everyone when they ask me about juicing or eating raw foods. That might be easier for everyone, huh? :o)

My yummy salad!!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


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