Unhealthy To Be So Healthy?

Friday, May 31, 2013

I was talking with a friend today who told me that it might be unhealthy to be so healthy, and he's probably a bit right. There shouldn't be so much stress about what we eat, but the fact is that we have two choices: food and food-like substances. I'll choose food any day of the week, but I have to read labels, buy organic, and plan more than before. Clean, whole foods eating is not as convenient as running through the drive-thru, but it can be as easy as running into a grocery store on the go.

  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
  • 4 cups red seedless grapes = 240 calories
  • Salad (3-4 cups organic spring mix, 1/2 cucumber, 1 carrot, and 1.5 cups cherry tomatoes) = 125 calories
  • Dressing (2 tbsp red wine vinegar and 1 tbsp EVOO) = 135 calories
  • 1 lb strawberries = 145 calories
  • 2 tbsp hemp seeds = 80 calories
  • 1 banana = 100 calories
  • Brown rice pasta with *sigh* Ragu = 350 calories

Calories: 1960
Colors: Yellow, red, green, purple, orange, brown
Water: I lost count today, but I know it's over 100 oz.
Exercise: Grocery shopping for an hour. Good grief I bought some heavy produce!
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 7.5 fairly solid hours. Needed that!

Confession: I broke down and bought a probiotic pill. I've been taking those cranberry pills, but I'm just a little worried about my urinary tract. I feel like it might just be all the stress, and hopefully the weekend will help. But I've seen some research about probiotics also being good for urinary tract health, so I'm going to try it. I figure it (hopefully) can't hurt. I'll report back on anything I find by taking this one. I'll start tomorrow if my bladder isn't doing better, but so far it's not so bad. It's always better at home.

I do want to say that I feel better now that I've had some bananas. Pretty sure I haven't had one since, what, Monday? So tomorrow will be lots of bananas. I don't have to get up earlier to go to Market on the Move, so I hope to sleep in, have a smoothie, do some yoga, hang out with a friend, and edit like a madwoman. I really need to start getting more active. I was doing okay, took a break to get caught up on work, and then burned my feet. Hopefully they'll be fine tomorrow so I can lace up and get a good walk in. It's all about taking it one day at a time.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Don't Blame the Diet

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes I fear something bad will happen to me at work for everyone to witness, and then they'll blame the diet for it. But when I think about it, no one was blaming my diet for illnesses before. I needed my gallbladder removed a few years back, and everyone blamed it on other things - medication I was taking, improper digestion, a sign of the times, or just certain foods (usually fruits because of the acidic nature). It was never the fact that I ate "food" instead of food. If I'm ever in a bad mood, someone will say, "Oh, I thought this diet was supposed to make you feel good all the time!" That's interesting, but it's so contrary. And it's a bit unfair. I don't want to defend this, but it's unusual so I generally have to.

  • 5 tangelos = 300 calories
  • 1 tangelo = 60 calories
  • 3 1/2 cups red seedless grapes = 210 calories
  • Most of a small avocado = 265 calories
  • 1 head of broccoli with red wine vinegar and a splash of EVOO = 180 calories
  • 1 lb strawberries = 145 calories
  • Brown rice and steamed broccoli with a sesame ginger sauce (love my husband!) = 450 calories
Calories: 1610
Colors: Orange, red, green, brown (lots of green today)
Water: 180 oz
Exercise: Stretching, pushing bins at work. Editing lots! (brain exercise!)
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 6.5 hours or so. Not great sleep.

I'm having some issue with my bladder - but don't be so quick to blame the diet! I think I'm just super stressed, so hopefully this clears up with some cranberry. I'll confess that I take the pills because it's concentrated. I'm not pleased with doing it, but if it'll help the bladder issue, then I'll take it for now. 

If you're wondering, the stress is from working two jobs. One is a punch-in-and-out kind of job. We get asked to work funky hours sometimes, but I only (am supposed to) work 32 hours there. It's an hour away, so it takes quite a bit of time out of my day. My other job takes up the rest of my time, but it's what I love to do. I've been blessed, but it's stressful trying (and failing) to meet deadlines. I'm happy to do it because it's how my brain works, but it's getting to me. I've put it out to the universe to handle this for me, so with that in the works, hopefully I'll be less inclined to pull my hair out by this time next week. :o) But until then..

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Wednesday Weigh-In: Changes

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I've experienced many changes since I've started this diet. Some people can see; others they can't. The ones you can see are weight loss, positive attitude, and clearer skin. People can't see the energy I feel, the lack of fatigue, and the way I don't have that heavy, full stomach feeling. No one sees how the cramps during my period have gone from debilitating to so mild I barely notice the one that occurs. Only my husband has really noticed the fact that my PMDD has pretty much disappeared. Sure, I have bad days. I get in some bad moods, but they aren't part of mood swings because of the food. My relationship with food has changed. I eat until I am satisfied because that's all my body needs. I eat a variety of foods that keep me running, and I feel wonderful. It's made a huge difference in my life.

Weight: 114.4 pounds

  • 4 cups red seedless grapes = 480 calories
  • 3 celery stalks and 2 tbsp natural peanut butter = 280 calories
  • 2 small baked potatoes (with sea salt and EVOO) with cheddar cheese = 650 calories
  • 3/4 lb strawberries and 6 oz blueberries = 200 calories
  • Most of a small avocado = 250 calories
Calories: 1860
Colors: Red, green, orange, brown, blue
Water: 140 oz
Exercise: An impromptu shoeless run and light stretching.
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 7 hours

My dogs decided to run out the gate tonight, so I ran out the front door to track them down. In the Arizona heat. With no shoes on. My husband did the same. So holy eff our feet HURT! I did more running than he did, so my feet aren't as bad. But wowee wow wow. Something was totally up with my feet this afternoon too. I stepped in gum in the Walmart parking lot. Then I stepped on a rock when I went in the backyard to check the pool level. Finally I burned the eff out of them when running after my dogs. I'll try to learn a lesson from all this. Back to editing for now.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Happy Birthday, Max and Titan

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Someone asked me how many bananas I've eaten today. My first thought was, "Heck yes!" I'm glad that people are paying attention. Unfortunately my answer was zero because my bananas aren't ripe yet. This means I need other foods to make up for bananas. Grapes were good, but the oranges were not. Valencias just aren't as good as Navel ones. I'm still in love with this broccoli snack. The corn tortilla chips and salsa were not the best choice ever, but my husband's salsa was about to go bad. Someone had to eat it, and he's on a juice fast. I was the obvious choice. I shared it with my friend, and it was delicious (even though it was ridiculously spicy.. haha). Again, I don't stress about it. I eat food because I'm alive. It tasted good and it wasn't fake. That's how I see it.

  • 5 oranges = 450 calories
  • 4 cups red seedless grapes = 480 calories
  • 25 corn tortilla chips with homemade salsa = 400 calories
  • 1 head of broccoli with red wine vinegar and 1 tbsp grapeseed oil = 180 calories
  • 1 lb strawberries = 145 calories
  • 6 oz blueberries = 90 calories 
  • Baked potato with cheddar cheese = 300 calories
Calories: 2045
Colors: Orange, red, green, white, blue, brown
Water: 155 oz
Exercise: Editing.. gah! Light stretching, work.
Sunshine: 15 minutes
Sleep: 6 hours? I slept poorly last night.

I didn't eat enough yesterday, so I didn't sleep well and had a headache from that. That's why I always recommend keeping track of calories or foods eaten to make sure you're getting enough. It's also why a completely raw diet isn't always feasible for me when I only have 15 minutes to eat on breaks most days. Doesn't matter. I'm very happy with my whole foods diet. More and more people are recognizing it and taking notice. Although I don't care for people telling me I'm "wasting/melting away" or "disappearing" and such. I'm getting healthy. There's a difference.

One last thing. I just want to say happy birthday to my two favorite puppies. My babies are 2 years old today. I don't know where the time goes! Ha. We rescued them from the Arizona Animal Welfare League almost two years ago. We went in there looking for one dog and left with two puppies. It's an interesting story if you'd ever like to hear it. :o) Here are some photos of them throughout the years.

Their first picture together.

Titan has his tongue sticking out in the background - photo bomb!

This morning. <3



Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 27, 2013

It feels like Sunday since my husband is at home with me today. I have every Monday off from my part-time job for school and editing, but it's a holiday here in the US. It's Memorial Day, and I'd love to use this moment to give my thanks to all who have served this country, past, present, and future. Thank you.

We were going to start a juice fast, but the timing today wasn't right for me. Josh is sticking with it, and I'll probably juice for dinner throughout the week, maybe even for breakfast since my bananas aren't ripe yet. A juice fast is a part of our lifestyle because sometimes we need to cleanse our body of toxins that might have built up over time. We don't just ingest toxins through food and drink - we also pick up toxins from our environment and the products we use. The juice fast allows our bodies to heal themselves when digestion isn't needed. This includes healing inside and out. I'm going to aim for being 99% raw this week. I don't say 100% because I cannot guarantee the rawness of some of the foods I eat - vinegar, nuts, etc. So we'll see. So far so good today! Just didn't eat enough today.

  • Juice: pineapple, orange, apple, and carrot
  • 1 canary melon
  • 2 C sweet cherries
  • Juice: cucumber, celery, carrot, apple, bok choy

  • 2 C cherry tomatoes
  • 1 large Granny Smith apple
Calories: I don't even know today. Too much math with juice!
Colors: Yellow, orange, green, red
Water: 128 oz
Exercise: Light stretching. Editing again today.
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 7.5 hours

I didn't eat enough today, and I'm feeling it. Basically, I'm going to eat this apple, get some food ready for tomorrow, take a shower, and pass out. I have a LOT to edit tomorrow since a book is due. Hopefully I can make it happen. I kind of have a headache from the lack of food, but this day was just weird. Like I mentioned above, my husband is fasting, so we're not on the same schedule. Plus, he was home today with me, and I'm not used to that. So yeah. Calling it a night. <3

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Holiday BBQ

Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's a holiday weekend here in the US, and holiday weekends used to mean lots of food. They still do, but the food has changed. Where we used to eat burgers with buns, potato and pasta salads, and corn from a can with root beer, we now apparently make vegan burgers, big green salads, and homemade salsa with sun tea. Then we finish it all off with raw food brownies. I'm so impressed with the changes my family has made. They did make ribs and steak, but they also are willing to try new things so they can incorporate more health into their lives. While I made smarter choices today, I obviously could have had a healthier day. Today is not necessarily a day you want to model a whole foods diet from, but it could have been worse. Easily.


  • Smoothie (1/2 of 6 RIPE bananas, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 C coconut water, 2 tsp cinnamon, ice)
    • Husband had the other half. YUM. Will add cinnamon more often!
  • I large Granny Smith apple 
  • 4.5 oz blueberries
  • Corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa
  • Homemade potato chips
  • MORE vegan lentil burgers! Nommm. (and ketchup)
  • 2 raw brownies 
Calories: Unsure
Colors: Yellow, green, blue, red, orange, brown, white, green
Water: Also unsure. Didn't measure. Over 100 oz if I had to guess though.
Exercise: Very light swimming
Sunshine: 1 hour
Sleep: 8 hours! Went to bed a little earlier than I wanted to. Woo!

Like I said, I didn't do so hot today. I ate so much at lunch that I didn't eat dinner. Didn't eat as well as I usually do, but I'm really not stressed over it. That's life. It's one day. Tomorrow will be easier since I'll be eating at home, but I made smarter choices and came prepared by making those lentil burgers. It's those types of things that make this lifestyle achievable. It takes some planning ahead, but it's easy to make it work. And either way, I don't let stuff like this bother me. If I want potato chips, I feel better about them when I make my own. And I'm honest with you guys. Like I said, I'll be honest with you and you're honest with yourselves. 

Also, I'm thinking about making videos. What do you guys think? Let me know! Happy Memorial Day. 

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Saturday FAQ and Vegan Lentil Burger Recipe

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I have now decided that Saturday will be a FAQ day. The more I talk about this diet and lifestyle with you guys, the more I find that certain common questions are generally asked. So I'll put together a list on Saturday if I have a few of them to go over so everyone can get the answers. Hopefully this helps dispel some of the quirkiness of the lifestyle change you may want to consider. I love it, always feel pretty good, and see a body I've desired to have. And all of these questions get asked because people don't yet understand food and how the body reacts to it. So I'm here to clear all that up. <3

I've also added a new tracker: sleep! It's important to get rest, so that's something to keep track of when changing things up in your life. Make sure to give your body enough sleep to recharge. I usually get about 7 hours of sleep a night. I'd like more, and the weekends are usually that time.

  • 1 lb of strawberries and 4.5 oz of blueberries = 225 calories

  • 2 raw brownies (get these out of my house) = 150 calories
  • 2 pieces of brown rice baked spaghetti with homemade marinara and mozzarella = 300 calories
  • A few corn tortilla chips and salsa = 75 calories
  • 2 C red seedless grapes = 240 calories
  • 1 raw brownie = 75 calories

  • 1/2 a yellow melon = 50 calories
  • 1/2 acorn squash with honey and cinnamon = 150 calories
  • Lentil burgers (see below for recipe) = 300 calories
    • Had a small amount of that Simply Heinz Ketchup with it too. Only bad ingredient is sugar really. Oh well. From couponing, we have a ton of it in the house. 

1 cup uncooked lentils
1 cup uncooked brown rice
1-1/2 cups carrots, finely grated
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1-1/2 cups uncooked oatmeal
1 tsp season salt
1 small onion, finely grated
Salt, pepper, and oregano to taste

Cook lentils and rice in 4 cups water for 45 minutes, simmering over low heat in a covered pan. Allow to cool.

Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Shape into patties and cook on griddle or pan (may spray with non-stick spray) over medium heat, until nicely browned (about 6 minutes per side). 

Number of Servings: 8

Nutritional Info Fat: 1.5g
Carbohydrates: 24.2g
Protein: 5.2g

Thanks to my friend Jodie and her daughter Terri-Lynn for sharing this with me!

Calories: 1565 calories (no wonder I was so hungry today)
Colors: Red, blue, white, yellow, orange, green
Water: 128 oz
Exercise: Light stretching. Editing today! :o(
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Sleep: 8 hours last night

Today's FAQ:

  1. Where do you get your protein?
    This question always comes up. ALWAYS. Simple answer: everywhere. Fruits and veggies have all the protein we need. If you're working out or training for a marathon or something, just eat MORE fruits and veggies. Your body will need the calories anyway. Plus, your body needs the amino acids from the fruits and veggies to create the muscle you're seeking from the protein. Green juices make a great post-workout energy drink, by the way. 
  2. Are you sure this is healthy?
    Yes. If eating a whole foods diet is not healthy, according to you, what should I eat? McDonalds? Hot dogs? Chicken that has antibiotics and hormones pumped into it? Whole wheat bread because that's better than white (which it's not, by the way)? Hmm. No one asked if my steady diet of processed and fast foods was healthy, but now fruits and veggies are questioned. Think about that. :o) 
  3. Do you only eat raw food?
    If you read my blog, you'll see that, no, I don't only eat raw food. I thought for a while that I'd strive for that goal, but I'm finding that a whole foods diet is much more my speed. My body appreciates a good cooked meal as long as I keep it gluten-free, dairy-free, and processed-ingredient-free. I still cook veggies sometimes, and we also make brown rice, brown rice pastas (which you should most definitely look into), quinoa, and beans. Lots of spices and herbs too!
  4. Why did you go vegan?
    I chose to go vegan because my body doesn't need animal protein to exist and thrive. See above about protein sources. Plus, no animal should have to die for me to eat if I can survive on non-animal foods. I may occasionally eat cheese if it doesn't kill my system each time, so I'm not fully vegan yet. 
  5. Can I still eat animal products on this diet?
    Well, technically no. You can choose to eat whatever you'd like, but I don't believe in eating animal protein as a way to meet your protein needs (since I'm assuming that's why you want it). Meat and dairy are not part of a whole foods diet. They contribute to weight gain and health problems, including cancer. 5% of your diet can be dairy and meat to avoid health issues, but I'd just as soon get rid of it altogether. Hence the occasional cheese splurge.
  6. Isn't it expensive to eat all that produce?
    Not as expensive as cancer will be if you get sick. I know that sounds harsh, but seriously. Invest in your future by eating real food. You can probably find programs and farmers markets where you can get inexpensive produce. Buy in bulk. Do some research before going to your local grocery or health food store. You might be surprised with what you find! Plus, we save money by almost always eating at home. We don't go out to eat very often, so we use that money on fresh foods.
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Not a "Diet" and Too Many Brownies!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I have wonderful friends. True friends. People who have my back and understand my choices because they've listened to me. It was incredible to hear a friend tell me about how she set the record straight to someone about my diet and lifestyle. She knows the deal because we've talked about it over the months. She's thinking about juicing and incorporating more fruit and veg in her diet. And now she's able to help others discover it because she sees the hardship restrictive diets cause. I love seeing this progress in people, even if they aren't trying the diet themselves. This isn't a diet as we know the word diet. This is a lifestyle change, and it should be taken seriously. I love having people in my life who understand that. Big thanks to you guys. <3

Eating broccoli and editing tonight.

  • Smoothie (6 small bananas, 1/2 C coconut water, 1 tpsb chia seeds, ice) = 650 calories
  • 2 1/2 C sweet cherries = 225 calories
  • 1 raw brownie = 75 calories
  • Salad (2-3C Earthbound Farm Organic Half and Half with 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1/2 head of broccoli, and avocado) = 280 calories
  • Dressing (2 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar and 1 tsp EVOO) = 35 calories
  • 3 raw brownies = 225 calories
  • 4 raw brownies (OMG I KNOW) = 300 calories
  • 1 head of broccoli with red wine vinegar and grapeseed oil = 120 calories
Calories: 1900
Colors: Yellow, red, green, orange, purple
Water: 175 oz
Exercise: None as of yet. Too much editing to get done. Nap was taken though!
Sunshine: 15 minutes, 50 minutes in the car

I ate too many brownies. OMG. They probably aren't 75 calories each, so I bet I ate more like 1800 calories today, but they were delicious. They're full of dates, walnuts, cacao, honey, and coconut oil, so they're pretty calorie-dense. Definitely more of a raw treat, but they were staring me in the face! I'm going to watch my fat intake over the next week. I overdid it this week, so I might juice this weekend and really focus on fruit and veggies more than nuts. I can feel the sluggishness from eating all the fat today. Blah.

I know I said to not be afraid of it earlier this week, but damn. Don't eat THAT much each day. LOL I'll find a good balance. And so will you! But if you want to make the brownies, I'll provide the recipe after my husband figures out a good ratio of all the ingredients. I would actually completely leave out the coconut oil next time. Honey and dates are enough to get everything to stick. Let me know if you try them!

I have a lot of editing to do, so dinner was something quick. I look forward to drinking juice this weekend as we have oranges and pineapples as well as greens. I'll probably pick some more stuff up from Sprouts and MOM this weekend. If you're in the Phoenix area, definitely check out MOM. $10 for 60 pounds of produce. Heck yes.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Cut the Cravings Completely

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today I was asked how long it took for me to get over cravings for processed, fast, and junk foods. My response was 5 days. As previously mentioned, I completed a juice fast. It took me 5 days. I hope you're putting two and two together right now. After a five-day juice fast, where I drank nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juice, water, and tea, I lost all cravings for the crap foods I was eating before. I know that I previously used to really WANT Oreos or Burger King. I'd stop after work and pick those things up to eat them by myself because I didn't want anyone knowing that I was eating such junk all the time. Now, when I drive by fast food places, eating there sounds so gross. I'm sure it would smell and taste delicious still, but knowing the kind of harm it will do to my body from doing research and watching documentaries makes me remember that it's SO not a good idea. Plus, not having the craving for it makes it pretty simple! Is a juice fast for everyone? Probably not. I stuck with it and I am where I am because of it.

  • Smoothie (5 bananas, 1/2C coconut water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ice) = 600 calories
  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
  • Stuffed pepper with avocado = ??? not sure. Probably 500+ calories
  • 1 lb strawberries = 145 calories
  • Salad (3-4C Earthbound Farm Organic Half and Half with 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1/2 head of broccoli, and a 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes) = 160 calories
  • Dressing (1 tbsp grapeseed oil and 2 tbsp red wine vinegar) = 135 calories
  • Raw brownie (Husband version - amazing!) = ??
Calories: About 2000-2100
Colors: Yellow, black, green, orange, brown, red
Water: 155 oz
Exercise: 30 Day Shred level 3
Sunshine: Only in the car. Boo.

This broccoli and red wine vinegar thing is my absolute new favorite snack. I wanted to eat it today so I just put it on my salad. Nom nom nom!! If you haven't tried this, you should. You can use balsamic vinegar too. They're both delicious. Add a little EVOO or grapeseed oil and you're golden. It's simple to snack on! 

I won't lie though. My tummy area still has a pooch, and it's driving me nuts. I want to take pictures so you all can see full body transformation, but I just can't do it with my sports bra. I don't want to get all weird about it, and I don't want to change my diet necessarily because I love how I'm eating, and that's the point. I think I'll spend the weekend juicing more than I have been lately and work on getting back to basics again. Less oil, more fruit and veg. And I'm working out almost every day. I feel like I should be seeing better results. I mean, my endurance is better, and my strength is improving, but I want my stomach and arms to LOOK better. I know.. it's been three weeks. I'll keep going with it! 

This weekend I'll post up the email I usually send to everyone when they ask me about juicing or eating raw foods. That might be easier for everyone, huh? :o)

My yummy salad!!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Wednesday Weigh-In: A lot of calories!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today is weigh-in day! I also ate like a pig today apparently. However, even after eating all that stuff, I was still hungry. Working out more consistently means I need to eat more. But luckily I eat all things that are good for me. Completely raw until dinnertime today, so I'm happy with that. Tomorrow probably won't be the same, but perhaps I'll eat raw for dinner since lunch will be a stuffed pepper. Nommm. Also nom? 12 bananas today. Bet you didn't beat me! *wink*


  • Smoothie (6 bananas, 1/2C coconut water, 1 mango, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ice) = 750 calories
    • I didn't drink the last bit of it. I was so full by the time I got to work that I was done.
  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
  • 2 bananas = 200 calories
  • 2C grapes and blueberries = 160 calories
  • 2C grapes and blueberries = 160 calories
  • Avocado = 280 calories
Dinner (will be):
  • Stuffed green peppers (Brown rice, carrots, onions, mushrooms, black beans, EVOO, and salsa with salt, garlic powder, basil, and oregano) = ??? A LOT.
Calories: Probably around 2500
Colors: Yellow, red, blue, green, brown, orange, black
Water: 180 oz
Sunshine: 20 minutes
Exercise: 30 Day Shred level 2
WEIGHT: 115.0

What a crazy food day. I ate and ate. I didn't think I ate that many calories, but I was generally hungry throughout the day. My body is getting used to eating foods it can actually use, so I'm starting to need more. I'll get the hang of it soon I hope. Breaks at work are sometimes not always easy to space out for this kind of eating when I'm not 100% with figuring out hunger and how much is enough. Plus, I only get 15 minutes, and I can only manage to eat so many bananas or mangoes. But you WILL notice that my weight is steady so far. It went up six tenths of a pound in a week with eating all that food. We'll check back next Wednesday to see if I'm still in the right range. Until then..

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Pump It Up

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exercise is so important to overall health. It's crucial to find something you enjoy so you'll stick with it. 3-4 times a week you should be getting your heart rate up and putting some effort into a workout of some kind. Dance, go for a run, walk your dog, play with your kids, jump on a trampoline.. whatever you want! But get your blood pumping because oxygen in the body is so good! And for heaven's sake, please eat some REAL food. *wink*

  • Smoothie (3 oranges, 3 bananas, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 C coconut water, ice)
  • 4 bananas
  • 4 peaches
  • 1/2 head broccoli with red wine vinegar and grapeseed oil
  • 1/2 head broccoli with red wine vinegar and grapeseed oil
  • 2 bananas
  • Corn tortilla chips (maybe 15?) and Josh's homemade salsa (1/2 C or so)
  • Handful of walnuts
  • I'm probably not done yet. I think I'll eat some cherries soon.
Calories: Enough. LOL I didn't calculate.
Colors: Yellow, orange, red, green, white
Water: 165 oz
Exercise: 30 Day Shred level 2
Sunshine: 20 minutes outside

No calories today because I'm lazy. And because I'm eating enough that I don't need to calculate anymore. I'd love to calculate for you today, but hopefully by now you're getting the idea of what a meal consists of. FRUIT! And calories. We NEED them. We also need to stop living in a deprived diet mentality. It isn't doing us any favors. Throw away your fake protein powder and diet shakes. Buy some fruits and vegetables. Eat some nuts or avocados. Consume REAL foods. By now you should know the difference. That McDonalds hamburger you ate last week? Fake. Worthless and harmful to your body. That lunch meat you ate on your whole wheat tortilla? No good for your body. Read ingredients and pay attention. Or buy single-ingredient foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, oats, etc) so you don't have to worry about ingredients. It's never too late! 

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints. I'll listen to it all! ;o)

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Taste the Rainbow (And Fat!)

Monday, May 20, 2013

I've been an editing ROCK STAR today! It always helps when the book is absolutely addicting. It's a sequel, so I'm happy to revisit with some old characters. Either way, I got a lot done, and it's just what I needed after a weekend of taking it easy in the woods with friends. Back to Monday routines today! Also, I added a new tracker at the bottom: colors! All day I've seen on Facebook the importance of getting a variety of foods (which also means colors) in your diet. I know that I sometimes don't vary it up enough, so I focused on colors today and found that I do eat a good variety of colors most days because what I ate today makes up what I eat most days. How many colors have you eaten today? Try to literally taste the rainbow tomorrow, and let me know how it goes.

  • 5 bananas = 500 calories
  • 2 small baked potatoes with cheddar cheese = 400 calories
  • Salad (3-4C Earthbound Farm Organic Half and Half with 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, and a 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes) = 125 calories
  • Dressing (1 tbsp grapeseed oil and 2 tbsp red wine vinegar) = 135 calories
  • 1/2 pint cherry tomatoes = 25 calories
  • 1 small peach = 35 calories
  • Handful of sweet cherries = 40 calories
  • 2 1/2 C red seedless grapes = 300 calories

Calories: 1560
Colors: Yellow, white, green, orange, red, purple
Water: 113 oz
Sunshine: None - sunburn from the weekend
Exercise: Light stretching throughout the day.

I used grapeseed oil today instead of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil - sorry for the confusion!). While EVOO is healthy as an oil, it has more monounsaturated fats. Grapeseed oil is like its counterpart, having more polyunsaturated fats. I found grapeseed oil to be just a tad lighter than EVOO, but they both are fantastic with red wine vinegar as a salad dressing. Please don't be scared of fats. They occur naturally and your body needs them too. Restricting any one group of foods (carbs, fats, etc) is not the answer. Balance is. 

I'm going to wrap this up with a then and now photo collage. It starts in January 2012, where I weighed 160 lbs. That's a lot for a 5'1" frame. The next photo is me at my sister's HS graduation in May 2012 (1 year ago) when I started to lose some of the weight. Not much by then, but there's a difference. The third picture is Halloween 2012. I was down to 135 around then. Felt good enough to dress up like that at work! And the last picture is me exactly 1 month ago. I've lost weight since then, but I was probably at 118-120. Here's the photo.

I'll try to get a full body shot of me soon. I don't do the mirror photos, so I'll have to have my husband take one of me. I don't find myself to be very photogenic, so we'll see. Either way, I'm down to about 114 now, so you can get the picture. Tomorrow I'll get some sun and exercise. The hike this weekend left me pretty sore after going up and down that seriously steep hill. It wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be, but it worked muscles I don't always work. And that's awesome!

On a final note, I'd like to send my positive and healing thoughts to Oklahoma. Those tornadoes are scary and real. If you'd like to help, you can do double duty by buying Caisey Quinn's Girl with Guitar next week, and she'll donate ALL proceeds to the Red Cross relief effort. See her post here for more info. 

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Camping 101

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I learned how to poop in the wild this weekend. I also learned that my phone is seriously trying to break up with me, and perhaps I should let it. These are actually connected, but it's a silly story. See below. Either way, I had a glorious weekend with great friends, living foods, and wild adventures in the outdoors. Stress tried to creep its way in, but my loving husband reminded me that it was a weekend for letting go. I attempted to get more sun than I needed, so my face is a little red, but I survived the 45-50 degree overnight temperatures. Yeah! As for keeping track of food, it didn't exactly happen. Here is a rough list of what I ate while camping.

  • 10-12 bananas
  • 2 large Granny Smith apples
  • 3 C red seedless grapes
  • 2-3 C sweet cherries
  • 2 peaches
  • A few blackberries
  • Raw and grilled broccoli and cauliflower with Balsamic vinegar and EVOO
  • 1 medium portabella mushroom with EVOO, grilled.
  • 1 corn on the cob, grilled.
  • 1 1/2 C rice with mushrooms and avocado made by Ariana - delicious.
  • 2 raw brownies made by Tana and Ariana - ridiculously awesome, must make.
I think that's it. Aaron and Ariana came prepared with lots of food, and Tana shared some of her food as well. It seemed like we all brought enough food for everyone, so we just all shared. I tasted two different non-dairy yogurts from Aaron and Ariana for kicks and they were pretty good. We'll see about that. 

We went for a pretty awesome hike down to the dam in the area. It was a seriously steep hill that was all full of rocks and dirt, so we got our exercise from going both ways. Then we soaked up the sun and ate some yummy food before hiking back up to the car. We sat around a campfire the rest of the time, talking and eating. Lots of eating! It was fun.

Josh and I went to Sprouts today on our way back home. We found these potato chips that are made from potatoes, olive oil, and salt. They're a delicious treat. If you're a potato chip addict, I'd consider switching to those if you can't ditch them altogether. Sometimes I just feel like grazing on things like those. It's rare, and we won't buy them often, but it's nice to know that stuff is out there for the people trying to transition into healthier eating. I'm not saying they're healthy, but it's better than Lays. 

Josh also really wanted a big breakfast like IHOP would serve so he's making his own hash browns right now. It's a bit of a work in progress, and I'll admit I had some of the Simply Heinz Tomato Ketchup with it. Like a teaspoon - it won't kill me. But it IS the first sugar I've had outside of fruit sugars in probably over a month. I just don't eat processed foods or things with any added sugar. I carb it up on fruits over here. Nom nom. But if you NEED ketchup, go check that out. Pretty simple and straightforward ingredients.

Camping was pretty fun. I enjoyed most of it, but the overnight part was a little chilly. Luckily my husband is a camping dude, fully prepared with 3 blankets and 2 seriously warm sleeping bags. And there was a toilet right across from our campsite. But when we went for a hike down to the dam I had to poop in the wild. Gross, I know. But I was so flustered about it because I could see Aaron returning to our area that I dropped my phone somewhere on the way back without even realizing it. Ariana is an incredible woman and she found my phone in the middle of the rocks and grass. Amazing! That phone just can't get rid of me yet. Seriously. I lose it everywhere I go. Anyway, check out some pictures from this weekend!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Going Camping

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ever want to ask raw foodies how it is they can live off just fruits and veggies? Well, sometimes I bet they wonder how you live off processed foods. It goes the same way. I wonder how I made it on a diet like that. No one likes to feel tired all the time. I know I didn't. I also didn't like having stomach aches constantly. By switching to a diet full of real, living fruits and vegetables, some of your problems you blame on stress and work can go away. Hmm.. makes you think, right?


  • 3/4 lb strawberries = 110 calories
  • 2 C red seedless grapes grapes = 220 calories
  • 1/4 C dry roasted peanuts = 160 calories
  • 5 small peaches = 155 calories
  • 5 sweet cherries = 20 calories
  • 2 baked potatoes with EVOO and sea salt = 325 calories
  • 1/2 C homemade salsa = 35 calories
  • 2 medium golden delicious apples = 160 calories
  • 2 C sweet cherries = 150 calories
  • Handful of raw almonds = 100 calories
Calories: 1425 (so far)
Water: 145 oz (so far)
Exercise: I'm going to be setting up a tent later. Who knows.
Sunshine: 10 minutes outside, 50 in the car (so far)

I haven't eaten dinner yet. We're heading out to go camping soon, but we're going to juice before we leave and just eat more fruit. Then I'll be eating fruit for the next two days or at least until we come back from camping on Sunday. It shall be interesting! I'll try to keep track of things, but don't expect much. I plan very much to stay in the present while enjoying nature to its fullest. Have a great weekend!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Creating Awareness

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I eat at work has been scrutinized lately. I've been trying to focus on some mono fruit meals, which means eating only one type of food for a meal. It's easy for your body to digest, and it makes elimination easier. Frankly, you generally already poop a lot on this meal plan with everything being so full of fiber, so I don't really need to go more often than I already do, but mono meals are simple and fast to take on the go. Two days in a row I've brought in 5 yellow mangoes to eat. And for two days I've heard comments, gasps, and questions about my eating habits. Mono meals are perfect for this lifestyle because it's easy to get calories in when you're eating consistently. Sometimes it's just fun to see how many of one thing you can eat! Is what it is. So now I love bringing in 5 mangoes now to eat them all and hear people talk about it. It gets people talking and listening because they want to know why the heck anyone would (and could) do that. It creates awareness, folks! It takes some of the stigma away when you get a chance to explain. And that's what it's all about sometimes.

  • Banana Smoothie (4 medium bananas, 1 C water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ice) = 450 calories
  • 20 corn tortilla chips = 280 calories
  • 3/4 C homemade salsa = 60 calories
  • 5 (fairly large) yellow mangoes = 550 calories
  • (Most of) 3 medium bananas = 225 calories
  • 1 large Granny Smith apple = 125 calories
  • 1 1/2 C red seedless grapes = 165 calories

Calories: 1855
Water intake: 160 oz
Exercise: 30 Day Shred Level 2
Sunshine: 60 minutes in the car

The day isn't over. I haven't eaten enough dinner as far as I'm concerned. We were going to make juice again, but my husband is getting ready for camping. I may or may not eat more raw brownies or some more fruit tonight. Good calories, guys. That's what it's about. In fact, head over and read this article about nutrition vs. calorie counting and let me know what you think. Like I said, today has been about creating awareness, so I'm sharing. And sharing is caring. I care about you! <3 I also care about my body (obviously) so I try to get some sunshine in every day. Again, it's still light out so I may go sit outside and soak up some vitamin D while I still can today, but I'm going camping this weekend and won't lack sunshine at all for a few days. I'll keep track of my eating, and this weekend should be interesting, but I probably won't post until Sunday. Stayed tuned for camping meals!

Also, please go like the new Facebook page for a blog my friend and I are starting if you would. It's called Hippie Housewives, and it's all about health, being green, and loving each other. So check us out!

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

Wednesday Weigh-In - Don't Juice Mustard Greens

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I've decided that Wednesdays will be weigh-in days. Weighing myself daily for this blog will make it a habit, and it's one I've already worked to break. I stress in real-life conversations that we shouldn't worry about weight. It's only part of the picture. As we all know, muscle weighs more than fat does, so if you're fit, chances are you'll weigh more. So get off the scale, folks. It only serves to make us more paranoid about our body images, and we all know we don't need any more issues.

Banana smoothie! 2 travel cups. :o)

  • Banana Smoothie (4 large bananas, 1 C water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ice) = 500 calories
  • 5 yellow mangoes = 525 calories
  • Baked potato with EVOO and salt = 300 calories
  • 1/2 C homemade salsa = 35 calories
  • 1/4 C roasted peanuts, unsalted = 160 calories
  • 1 lb strawberries = 120 calories
  • Tried to make juice. Gross.
  • 1 large Granny Smith apple = 120 calories
Calories: 1835
Water intake: 160 oz
Exercise: 30 Day Shred Level 2, YRG Diamond Dozen and, YRG Energy Yoga
Sunshine: 10 minutes outside, 50 in the car.
Weight: 114.4 lbs

Not a bad day! Yesterday was one of those days I wished I'd stayed in bed, but today was better. A friend at work told me about something that happened to her, and it's similar to what I've been experiencing as far as others' opinions on my recent weight loss. She looks incredible and feels healthy, and that's what is important. Let's all remember that. Let's also remember to never juice mustard greens, as they are spicy and make your stomach hurt a little. Oh, the burn. So take a lesson from me, kids! Don't be doin' that. So I ate an apple for dinner. I should have eaten more, but it got late after yoga. Live and learn, guys. 

Anything you want to know in particular about my journey? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter
. A ripe banana. Eat them THIS way.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

How I Got Here

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Per request (which I was thrilled to receive, you guys!) I'm going to write about how I got to where I am on my healthy journey. A journey it was, and it still is one. But it's been a great ride, and it gets better and better. Here's how I started. I'll try to keep it brief.

My cousin posted on Facebook about juicing back in early February, maybe early January. I inquired about it and promptly bought my own (used) juicer to include fresh fruit and vegetable juice in my diet. On Friday, February 8, 2013, I asked my husband to watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix with me. I'd seen this mentioned on all the juicing websites I'd researched. My husband paid much more attention than I did, and he was convinced about starting a juice fast. That's exactly what we did.

I completed five days. He made it through ten. But an amazing thing happened. After five days, my cravings for fast food, processed food, and sweets were completely gone. GONE. And I haven't craved them since because I haven't gone back to eating them. I did begin eating meat again after the fast, but I've mostly eaten fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, grains, and legumes since. I keep it raw whenever I can. I've given up meat now, but I'm not completely vegan - I eat a little cheese sometimes. And I don't eat wheat at all. Yes, that means no bread, but I don't miss it because I know what wheat does to my body. I know what it ALL does, so it makes my decisions regarding food easier.

It isn't about the diet mentality of "can't have." It's all about the freedom of "don't want" anymore. That's the difference.

Since the juice fast, where I started at 134 lbs, I've lost 20 lbs just from eating this way, without counting calories and without controlling portion sizes, and I've gained about two back after being sick and from exercising. But it's not about the weight. It needs to be about health. We need to change our attitudes about body image. Strong, not skinny. Health, not weight. I have energy, I have a clear brain, and I have more peace in my life. Real food gives you real life. I've never been happier. 

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.


Per a request, I've decided to prove that, once and for all, I do eat. I quit weighing myself, but I'll weigh myself in the morning, write down what I eat all day, record my exercise for the day, and post it here so you all can see what it's like to live mostly raw and almost completely healthy. I haven't tracked calories before, but I can try to do that too so you can see the calculations and realize that I eat more than you think I should for my size. I'll do this for you so you can join me on my journey. Enjoy!

Breakfast at 4:30 am:

  • 4 bananas = 400 calories (was supposed to be 5 bananas but one was bad.)
Snack at 8:00 am:
  • 4 bananas = 400 calories
Lunch at 11:00 am: 
  • 2 slices cooked eggplant = 40 calories
  • 1/2 C homemade cooked marinara = 30 calories
  • 1 C cooked mushrooms with olive oil = 170 calories
  • 2 tsp goat cheese = 45 calories
Snack at 2:15 pm:
  • 5 cherry tomatoes = 15 calories
  • 1 banana = 100 calories
Dinner at 4:30 pm:
  • Baked potato with sea salt and olive oil = 300 calories
  • 1/2 C homemade salsa = 30 calories
Dessert 5:45 pm:
Calories: 1605
Water intake: 170 oz
Exercise: 30 Day Shred level 2 - 25 minutes
Sunshine: 15 minutes outside, 50 minutes in the car.
Weight: Didn't weigh myself this morning. Maybe 116.

Today I didn't eat enough I guess. I've been aiming for 2000 calories, but like I said, I haven't been counting calories. I'd eat more in the car, but I exercise when I get home. And usually I eat more for breakfast when I make a smoothie, so tomorrow will be better since the blender is clean. Smoothies are great for a raw foods lifestyle to pack in the needed calories. At dinner, though, I could have eaten another baked potato. I wasn't hungry. Just wanted to keep eating. If we're being honest here, which I am, I'm on my period, so that makes a little sense to me. Then I needed the brownie, but it was all raw, real ingredients. Either way, today was what it was. I eat all day long, I exercise, and a drink lots of water. I like to get outside and get some sunshine. It's just good for the body. So what do you think? This is my life. I eat to live and not the other way around. 

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

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